Free Screensaver

Sample Screensaver (small)Download a free fishpo screensaver by right-click on the file name below.


fishpocom.scr (914Kb) Right-click and save.


How to install a screensaver


Method 1. Download and save to c:windows (or winnt in WindowsNT or Windows2000) directory.  Then open the file and and select it as the current screensaver in the Display Properties icon in the Control Panel.


Method 2. Download and save to your desktop.  Then right mouse button and select the Install option from the popup menu. This command does NOT copy the screensaver into the c:windowssystem32 directory.


Self Installing : fishpocom.exe .exe (914Kb) Right-click and save.


3. Download and save to your desktop and then double click on the screensaver icon to automatically install.


What is a screensaver and how does it work?



A screensaver is a program which automatically displays a moving picture or pattern on the computer screen after the computer has been idle for a certain period of time. If the keyboard or mouse is touched, the working desktop screen returns.


The original purpose of a screen saver was to prevent a fixed image from being burned into the phosphor of the screen, by darkening the screen and displaying moving images.

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