Product Review - Mouse Trap

We had the opportunity to try out the latest fishing invention MOUSE TRAP.

The Fisherman's MOUSE TRAP is a highly refined product with the main components manufactured of 316-grade Stainless Steel and Bronze.


As The Fisherman's MOUSE TRAP has no corrosive components The Fisherman's MOUSE TRAP will last for years if looked after.


The tension of the Triggering Spring (316 Stainless Steel) is set at around 300g to allow for the Trigger "not to be activated" by smaller fish.


Fishing Line from the Rod or Reel is attached to the RING (A).

To prevent losing the MOUSE TRAP on a Snag, it is recommended to use a larger Breaking Strain Line.


The Trace Line which contains the HOOK & Bait is connected to the Triggering Arm (C). It is recommended that a lighter

Breaking Strain Line is used so that in the event of a SNAG this line WILL break, limiting you losing The Fisherman's MOUSE TRAP as the line connected to (A) is Stronger.

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