Linking to Fishpo

This page explains how to place a web link on your web site linking to FISHPO.  The code that will be used places a hyperlink on your web page to the page in the FISHPO directory that your listing appears on.


The instructions are relatively simple and completed in a few short minutes.


1.  Locate the web page on FISHPO where your listing will appear.

2.  Find and click on this button  Link to this page  located near top of page.

3.  Click 'Select All' [highlights code] and then Copy [Keyboard Ctrl + C] the code.

4.  Paste [Keyboard Ctrl + V] into your web page editing software [html view].

5.  Upload [ftp] the changed web page to your web site.


Listing Feed [New listings @ Fishpo] 


Display the latest new listings on your web site, please feel free to use:


Helpful Reading

If we are unable to find a return link for required category listings the submission will be rejected. We accept some site owners may not wish to comply but strongly emphasise how we achieve our page one rankings in Google and Yahoo = Reciprocal Linking.

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