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Cape Don

Crikey, Fishing At Cape Don Is So Easy…”
“Fishing at Cape Don is so easy, you have to push the fish aside just to get your line in.”

“In just over an hour I caught a 40 pound spanish mackerel, a massive bluefin tuna, then to top it off another beauty — a 45 pound mackerel, what a whopper, they grow them big up in the Northern Territory I’ll tell you!!!”

ishing. To the typical angler, this one word immediately gets the heart racing faster than a barra in pursuit of its next prawn snack.

So when fishing enthusists seek the pinnacle of fishing experiences, there are few places on earth that offer them such diversity, in such boat-sinking quantities, as Cape Don.

Located in the idyllic Cobourg Peninsula, Cape Don is host to one of the greatest assortment of fish on the planet. Name your favourite fish, chances are that you’ll find it in huge abundance in the tropical waters of Cape Don.

Cape Don really is the “who’s who” of the fishing world. And here’s why.
Enjoy A Smorgasbord Of Fishing Species
In fact, independent research has recorded that there are 250 different recorded species of fish in these waters…Obviously too many to list here! (Click here)

And they are all waiting for you here…in abundance.

“I caught 46 species on my last visit”
Duncan Shirley, London, UK

Where else in Australia – or the world, for that matter – could you catch 46…. 36… or even 26 different species of fish in the one trip, besides Cape Don? You’ll be hard pressed to find many. You and your friends will be awe-struck by the appetite-whetting selection of fish species on parade! Click here to get going now!

Then there’s the sheer volume of fish, almost begging to jump onto your line.

You’ve NEVER Had It This Easy Before
While there is no scientific way to estimate the number of fish in the Cape Don waterways, it’s fair to say that there is more than enough to keep you entertained for many lifetimes. For example…

“400 fish in 6 days”
Phillip Rowe, current holder of the
“Most Fish Total” award

Ever had a “non-believer” try to tell you that fishing is “the sport of drowning worms”? Well the creator of that saying (and your sad, unenlightened friend!), have obviously never been to Cape Don. In the words of CS Fong (Fishing Journalist for Rod & Line in Malysia) summarised Cape Don by writing that, “Fishing here is too easy. This is possibly one of the last sanctuaries on earth where even a blind man could easily get a fish on lure.“

What’s Your “Fishing Fancy”?
Cape Don’s diversity is not limited only to the myriad of fish species. Whereas other fishing lodges limit you to one or two styles of fishing, at Cape Don you can choose between numerous fishing experiences throughout the duration of your trip.

If you’re a true mad keen fisho, you’ll most likely want to enjoy every waking hour of your time here chasing your next “fiserman’s tale”. And you’ll have plenty to keep you busy, thanks to the generous styles of sport fishing and fly fishing to experience (click on “Types of Fishing” for more).

But not everyone is as obsessed with the world’s greatest pastime as you and I. And for these less-fanatical anglers, Cape Don offers spectacular scenery in unspoiled areas – true untouched wonders of nature, witnessed only by a fortunate few. The creeks and surrounding coastline are host to a bountiful collection of bird species and marine life, including

Manta Rays, (still hunted by local Aboriginal custodians)
Goannas, and
Sea Turtles (ancient creatures who have called this land “home” for thousands of years).
Are you ready to get started?

Imagine…You’ll Be Able To…
Relax with a private picnic lunch on a desert island… take a romantic stroll across never-ending peaceful beaches, hand-in-hand with your partner without interruption… tour the century-old, still-operational lighthouse… use a locally-made Aboriginal spear to go hunting for giant mud craps… even explore a monsoonal rainforest or the unique colourful coral reef system.

There’s something for everyone here at Cape Don. We’ve even got you covered when it comes time to reture for the night. Let me explain.

Why “Rough-It” When You Can Relax In Style?
Although Cape Don is in a very remote area, it doesn’t mean you have to rough it in tents or inferior cabins. Far from it. The Lodge is equipped with modern appliances and most of the creature comforts of home. In each of the 5 spacious bedrooms, there are ceiling fans above each bed to keep you and your friends cool and comfortable while you’re dreaming of your next day’s adventures!

Fantastic fishing, with the comfort my wife can appreciate.”
Charles Plott, California

When you just want to sit & relax, you’ll appreciate the large dining and lounge area. Want to compete with your friends, even after an action-packed day fishing? Then head to the well-equipped games room. Want to kick back in style? The spa pool may be just what you’re after. Check out “Accommodation” for more details.

To ensure you get the most from the untouched, unique wilderness – and exclusive access to our “fish collection” – we strictly limit numbers to 12 guests at any one time. Don’t wait book now as places will fill fast.

After 8 years of looking for ‘The Spot’ in Australia, we’ve found it”
Team from Murray, South Australia

This variety is one of the reasons that our loyal visitors keep coming back year after year. How many times would you expect to visit an “average” fishing retreat? Once, maybe twice? Perhaps three times if you’re lucky.

They Keep Comin’ Back!
Well, there must be something special about Cape Don because many of our customers have visited us between 3 and 10 times. And in the case of Duncan from London… no less than 15 times!

Once you’ve been bitten by the Cape Don bug… once you’ve had a taste of the “heightened anticipation” you feel each and every time you set out into the deep bluewater… once you’ve felt the adrenaline rushing through your body in expectation of catching your next “big one”… sorry, you’ve been spoilt. It’s almost a given, that any other fishing trip you experience is going to be a disappointing rip-off – leaving you with that, “Is that all there is?” feeling.

Yes, you have other choices of locations when you look to plan your ultimate fishing holiday. But we’re convinced that when you’re looking for the definitive, ultimate, life-changing fishing experience… and you don’t want to compromise… you simply can’t beat Cape Don.

We are so confident of this – so certain of this fact – we guarantee it. Just tell us before the half-way mark of your time with us that you’re sorely disappointed with Cape Don, and we’ll gladly refund you your entire investment. Why? Because it means that we would’ve let you down – and we won’t stand for that. Don’t put it off any longer book now to secure your place.

Cape Don
PO Box 37370, Winnellie,
Winnellie, Northern Territory
(08) 8979 0030

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