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Fishing Therapy

Like many keen anglers Mick Winterton has been a fishing fanatic almost all his life. Introduced to fishing by his grandfather at the young age of 5, the path was set for a lifetime of fishing. He didn't know or want to know anything unless it had fins! Religious collecting of any fishing magazine, his childhood hero's weren't film or football stars, they were the likes of, Harro, Butler, Simpson, Starling and lots of others that were able to make a life from the greatest thing in the world; Fishing! Originally form the area of Port Albert in South Gippsland, Mick cut his teeth on bags of whiting, 'Yank" flathead and 'knobbly headed' snapper. By mid-teens his Fly interest was boosted by the introduction to the fly rod from casting gurus- Ron & Mark Penny. Swatting it around the flats of Port Albert, there was some unlucky Flathead and Salmon willing to play the game.

At the age of 15 Mick moved to Melbourne and began his 10 year commitment in Jim Allen's stable; the Compleat Angler. The last 5 of these years he was given the responsibility of managing The Compleat Fly fisher where he organised the production of 2 catalogues and his passion for Fly-fishing was strengthened even more. During the years of 95- 98 Mick was taking groups of keen anglers to N.Z to tackle Trout and throw flies to unstoppable Kingfish and Snapper from the North Island rocks.

The end of 97 saw Mick pack his bags and head to the Top-End of Oz in search of unstoppable things that ate flies! He established his own guiding business ' Fishing Therapy' and also worked at famous places like Barra Base, Jesse River, Goose Creek and Snake Bay. The thing Mick noticed was that up North the Fly fishing greatly increased the learning curve. He was able to fish with info shy sharing guides like, Mark West, Wazz Smith and Les Woodbridge.

During the guiding time he was also able to commit some time to his freelance writing, having articles published in Fly Life, Fishing World, Modern Fishing and Sport fishing Magazine. He also become part of a in-the-field advisory team for the Strudwick Rod Company.

Mick is a firm believer in passing on knowledge to anybody with a keen interest. He owes many of his fishing memories to a generous group of anglers who have shared their knowledge with him. Being able to fish with his childhood legends; Jim Allen, Dean Butler, Rod Harrison, Marty Rogers and a whole bunch of others have helped add to his versatility and reputation as a 'fish catching guide'.

Fly Angling achievements.
86-89: Fished the flats of Corner Inlet working hard to trip up Flathead and Salmon on Fly.
90-91: Yellowfin Tuna 13 kg on fly from N.S.W South coast with help for Offshore fly legend Gordon Dunlop.
92: Kingfish, Bonito & Salmon from the rock ledges of southern N.S.W.
94: Pending Australian record Sailfish from Broome W.A. Albacore and Yellowfin from Bermagui N.S.W.
95-96: Kingfish of 12 kg from a rock ledge in N.Z on trusty #10 rod. Also worked hard with Mark Draper to figure out the Snapper and how to make them eat flies.
96-97: Murray Cod - 11 kg and work on how to catch the Cod during the day.
98: Barra of up to 17 kg form the N.T Saltwater.
2000: Opening up New areas of Melville Island to catch giant Threadfin Salmon on the flats. Also catching Golden Snapper to 8 kg from the inshore bommies.

Fishing Therapy

Northern Territory
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