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Wright 1 Fishing Charters

Welcome aboard the Wright 1 for a great day's fishing. Fully equipped for all types of offshore fishing, including offshore Reef Fishing, Light Tackle Sport and Game Fishing to Big Game Fishing, the Wright 1 is the right boat for a memorable fishing experience.

Sportfish include Mahi Mahi, Kingfish, Tuna, Snapper, Trevally, Wahoo; and many others found at different times off the coast near Sydney.

Game fish include Marlin, big Tuna and Sharks.

Offshore reef fishing and light tackle sport fishing are becoming more and more popular, as people discover the excitement of catching excellent fish on light tackle. - Plus, you can take your catch home and eat it!

Fast boat!
Twin 300 hp Detroit Turbo aftercooled diesel motors and shaft-driven, four-bladed propellers.
At trolling speed, the deep throb of these big motors attracts the attention of every inquisitive fish

marine radar, GPS, HF, UHF, 27 MHz radio

1000 Watt echo sounder

30 ft Tuna-tower

33 ft Perko Reelax double-shot outriggers

full marine survey

handles all conditions, ready for any sort of fishing.

We provide all fishing tackle, lures and bait - everything you need to catch a fish!

We use only the best tackle!
Shimano, Daiwa and custom made rods,
Shimano 'Tiagra' and Penn 'International' reels,
Pakula lures.

We are bait-rigging experts.
Live baits, pre-rigged fish, squid or lures are used depending on the bait-fish in the area, the target fish, the season, the current, the water colour and the weather conditions.
Offshore Reef Fishing

Offshore reef fishing is a perfect day out for a family or small social group.
You will use light tackle to fish for a wide variety of fish species while you relax
and enjoy the experience of a day on the water in a safe and comfortable boat.

Snapper, kingfish, mulloway, trevally, sea bream and flathead are only some of the
superb table fish that you can catch with expert guidance and tuition by Captain John Wright.

There is nothing like a feed of fresh fish that you have caught yourself!

Of course, we don't even have to go offshore to the open ocean
- there are still plenty of fish to be found if you prefer to stay inside the bay.

Light Game and Sport Fishing

Deepwater fishing with a lot of the excitement of big game fishing but not quite so much hard work! If you are keen fishos looking for a bit of extra fun this could be the trip for you.

You might spend time trolling for tuna, mahi mahi and other acrobatic fish; you might be deepwater jigging for kingfish; bait fishing around the local FADs (Fish Aggregating Devices), or a combination of these.

Captain John has a lot of options and will decide on the best plan according to the season and conditions on the day.
Big Game Fishing
Blue water game fishing off Sydney, on the east coast of Australia, can be a relaxing day out - if you're unlucky. It can also be an adrenaline charged day of hope, frustration , jubilation, and pure excitement.

Picture yourself hanging onto a rod that is bent, bucking and about to tear itself out of your grip, while you try to control twice your own weight of pure muscle at the other end of a thin nylon line. Experience the thrill of seeing a dancing, tailwalking dynamo rise out the ocean and become airborne within metres of the boat.

Feel an underwater express train strip 500 metres of line off your reel in seconds. Pump and wind to the point of exhaustion recovering line metre by tortured metre then, when you think the fight is over, watch in horror as your line peels out once more, crackling under the strain.

See yourself, after a battle lasting an hour or more, bringing a magnificent wild creature to the boat, patting it goodbye and seeing it swim away strongly - when you feel like you've been run over by a truck. That's marlin fishing.

From January to April we chase Black Marlin that follow a warm, cobalt-blue current down the east coast of Australia. Striped Marlin are also caught in this warm water, arriving and leaving a month or so earlier than the blacks. The mighty Pacific Blue Marlin is not as fussy about water temperature, so can be found most of the year. There is always a chance of hooking up a 'big blue'!

Wright 1 Fishing Charters

Sydney New South Wales
0414 542 548

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