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Central Coast Canoes and Kayaks

Mirage Sea Kayaks Australia manufacture and sell a range of high-quality boats to kayak enthusiasts both Down Under and to the world.

Designed by dedicated sea kayakers with a passion for the ocean and many years of experience, the Mirage range of sea kayaks brings together the qualities that go to make up the best in expedition, touring and escaping. Mirage Sea Kayaks are among the most popular and best selling sea kayaks available today.

The full range of Mirage Sea Kayaks incorporate the most advanced features available today and are designed to ensure outstanding performance in both ocean conditions and flatwater paddling. The success of Mirage Sea Kayaks can be attributed to their outstanding performance on the water, including:

Every Mirage Sea Kayak comes with a wide selection of features - some standard and some which can be custom fitted to your specific paddling needs. Every one of these features has been developed after years of hands-on kayaking in all manner of water conditions, and by dedicated paddlers who know their stuff.

All features that can be found on the boats in the Mirage Sea Kayak fleet are locally made in Australia, and are fitted out and customised in-house. After-sales service on your Mirage Sea Kayak is also convenient with our workshop and showroom located on the NSW Central Coast just north of Sydney.

Integrated Rudder
Unique to the Mirage range is their reliable integrated rudder system. This is an exceptionally strong and low maintenance system that causes almost no additional drag to the boat. The large surface area gives good responsiveness even in big following seas or surf landings. The sturdy construction is designed to take rough treatment in the water and on land. If required, it can be removed and replaced with another of the three different integrated rudder designs within one minute.

Storage Compartments
Long distance touring requires large storage capacity as well as access to essentials whilst away from the nearest land. The single kayaks have three watertight bulkheads that separate the kayaks into their four sections of forward storage, cockpit, day-hatch and aft storage. The doubles have an additional bulkhead behind the forward paddler. The day hatch cover, which is offset to one side, can easily be removed on the water for access to food, drink and emergency equipment. The forward and aft compartments provide huge storage area and can comfortably hold all necessary camping equipment. Once closed they keep water out even in the most challenging conditions. All hatches are recessed to add to the streamlining of the craft.

Footrest and Rudder Controls
Kayaking in rough seas requires the paddler to have secure footing to brace against whilst being able to comfortably operate the rudder pedals. Mirage kayaks utilise a fixed plate for the lower half of the foot whilst the hinged rudder plates are operated by the upper foot and toes. Adjustments can easily be made to the leg position as well as the angle of the foot on the rudder plates.

Electric Pump
Mirages can be ordered with a factory fitted electric pump. The pump is located behind the seat with the sealed battery mounted separately in the day hatch. A waterproof switch is positioned in a recess beside the paddler's hip. Most Mirage owners only need to put their battery on charge every three to six months as it will empty the full cockpit area of water at least 13 times over.

Being designed as expedition kayaks, the Mirage requires a good compass for paddling in fog, open water crossings or coastal navigation. A high quality deck mounted ships compass can be factory fitted to a recessed mount on the forward deck for hands free navigation by the paddler.

Cockpit with two sizes
How big is your behind? Don't worry because we'll tell you! We want the kayak to fit you comfortably so we'll give you the right sized seat for your seat size. The cockpits are keyhole style allowing leg entry whilst seated without being unnecessarily big. Coamings are deeply recessed to assist with waterproofing around the spraydeck. Back rest optional.

Deck lines and Shockcord
Mirage Sea Kayaks have strong, large diameter decklines around the perimeter for ease of grasping even with cold, wet hands. Shockcord is attached fore and aft to retain deck items such as maps and a spare paddle. All lines are held in recessed deck fittings to avoid getting snagged or knocking unwary knuckles.

•A high cruising speed whether empty or fully loaded.
•An excellent combination of primary and secondary stability.
•Good tracking in all conditions, with or without their rudder.
•Designed not to dive or broach in big following seas.
•Easy unassisted deep-water entry, Eskimo roll, or re-entry and roll ability.
Of particular interest to the kayaking adventure enthusiast is their ability to handle a wide range of sea conditions including calm water touring, confused seas in tidal currents and large ocean swells with strong winds. So no matter whether you want to island-hop around the Tropics, paddle in cooler southern waters, or just track along your local stretch of coastline, Mirage Sea Kayaks have the boat for you.

Central Coast Canoes and Kayaks
Unit 10/14-16 Stockyard Place
West Gosford New South Wales 2250
(02) 4324 1922

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