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The Australia New Guinea Fishes Association

Promoting the conservation, study, keeping and propagation
of the native fish species of Australia and New Guinea

ANGFA was formed in 1982 by a group of hobbyists whose interests were in the conservation, keeping, breeding and studying of the fishes of Sahul - pronounced Sa-hule. This name refers to the Australian land mass up to about 10,000 years ago when land bridges existed between Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea.

The principal aim of the group was to publish a journal called "Fishes of Sahul", the main vehicle of information on native fishes for members - which would also be of interest to serious aquarists and scientists alike. Many volumes later "Fishes of Sahul" is now eagerly awaited by its readers.

Much of what ANGFA is would not be possible without key supporters who have devoted themselves to the hobby and the club:

You too can discover the pleasures of keeping the native freshwater fishes of both Australia and New Guinea by becoming a member of ANGFA. We invite you to browse our web site, sampling what our organisation can offer those interested in the aquatic flora and fauna of this region. If you like what you see then we ask you to become one of a growing number that subscribe to our publications worldwide
ANGFA has a number of publications available to its members. Our main publications are Fishes of Sahul and ANGFA News.

"Fishes of Sahul" (click here to view a low-res pdf sample) is a high-quality journal produced and published by native fishkeepers for native fishkeepers. This journal is read throughout the world by hobbyists and scientists alike. Each issue contains 24 pages of informative and interesting original articles and are backed up by full colour plates.

The Australia New Guinea Fishes Association has been publishing "Fishes of Sahul" for over twenty years now. This adds up to over one thousand pages of original high quality information and photos. Selected back issues of our Journal can be purchased ( click here for further information). The journal coordinator has put together a submission guideline for persons wishing to submit articles to "Fishes of Sahul".

"ANGFA News" is an information-packed newsletter containing much practical information. It also includes interesting and informative articles on many aspects of the aquarium hobby as well as the latest information on the activities of the various regional groups. Many of these regional groups also produce Newsletters/Magazines which can be purchased as separate items. Details for these Regional Groups can be located by clicking on the Regional Groups button which can be found under the main heading "About ANGFA".

"ANGFA News" has continued to evolve as we endeavour to provide our members with techniques and information that they may not have available to them elsewhere. We have also been able to reprint a number of interesting articles from old aquatic surveys which allow us an insight into the trials and tribulations of the early days. The editor has written a submission guideline for contributing to "ANGFA News".

Below are links to some condensed articles that have been circulated in our above publications. If you require more information on any of the articles below please feel free to contact The Secretary of ANGFA at the address on our "About ANGFA" page, or send e-mail to Natalie Everett. If you are interested in joining our organisation you can find out more from our membership information page.

All from some of the most remote and ancient
habitats in the world...
Australia and New Guinea.

It is a shared passion for these fish that unites
all members of ANGFA.

Through ANGFA, you can share in the thrill of discovering
new fish populations, and get involved in the conservation
of endangered species, while at the same time studying
and enjoying their complex and
fascinating behaviour.

ANGFA not only links hobbyists and scientists,
it also links people from across the globe, all of whom
are very enthusiastic about exploring one of our planet's
final aquatic frontiers.

The Australia New Guinea Fishes Association
PO Box 673
Ringwood Victoria 3134

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