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Anglers Alliance - Tasmania

Anglers Alliance Tasmania Inc. (AAT) was formed in January 2006 as the peak body representing the interests of all Tasmanian fresh water anglers. AAT is recognized by Government and as such receives financial assistance for administration from Government through the Inland Fisheries service (IFS).

The current constituent membership of the Alliance includes:

Southern Tasmanian Licensed Anglers Association
Northern Angling Clubs
Tasmanian Fly Fishing Association.
Australian Fishing Tackle Association.
Trout Guides and Lodges Tasmania.
Three unattached and unaligned independent anglers.
Each organization has two representatives, who can delegate other like members of their group, in the event of being unable to attend any meeting and these substitute members retain the voting rights for their group.

Independent angler representatives are selected through a public process bi- annually.

Full Committee meetings are held quarterly or as necessary and the day to day affairs of the Alliance are run by the Executive committee who meet monthly and direct the Executive Officer.

All committee contact details are listed in the membership and contact list, including the independents for anglers wishing to deal with unaligned Committee members.

All members of the Alliance’s Committee welcome angler input on any matter, either direct of through the more complete and transparent process of our Discussion Group.

All anglers, local and visitors alike are encouraged to make known their views and suggestions for a better Tasmanian fishing resource through Committee representation.

The core aims of the Alliance are reflected in our goal“Through the representation of all anglers, ensure the realization and maintenance of the full potential of the fishery.” We work closely with the IFS and play a significant role in providing them with angler views and suggestions and we act as a catalyst between fisheries management and all State and local Governments.

The Alliance operates on behalf of all anglers, without fear or favour of any group or entity and views all decisions on the basis of “Tasmania and Tasmanians first.”

Anglers Alliance - Tasmania

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