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Australian Anglers Association, WA Division

The Australian Anglers Association, Western Australian Division is an organisation that promotes club angling as a sport and recreation for everyone.

Club angling has something for everyone, no matter their age. The activities can be fishing from beaches, rocks, rock walls, reefs, jetties, estuary and river fishing, boat fishing, or can be drycasting or a whole range of social activities with people who also like fishing.

The Australian Anglers Association (WA Division) Inc., is an association of Western Australian angling clubs. It is commonly called "the AAA" or "the triple A".

The Association is managed by a Delegates Council, which is made up of Delegates from clubs affiliated with the Association.

Representation is based upon the numbers of members in the club. Clubs with up to 50 members have one delegate. Clubs with 51 to 100 members have two delegates, and clubs with more than 100 members are represented by three delegates. See the Affiliated Clubs page for a list of the clubs affiliated with the Association.

The Association coordinates and organises State and National competitions for Estuary fishing4 Rock and Beach fishing7 Boat fishing9 and Drycasting11 which decide the Champion Angler of the Year and Champion Club of the Year.12

The Association has in the past organised some events in which the public are invited to participate. These competitions were all conducted under AAA competition rules.

The Association previously organised Fishing Clinics13 for the public and club members over three nights, to help beginners become proficient and help experienced anglers to learn more fishing skills. Experienced fishers from clubs and recreational fishing industry pass on their knowledge.

The Association provides a Board member to Recfishwest14 This body represents all Western Australian recreational anglers in discussions with State and Local government on items which directly affect recreational angling. This includes important matters such as fisheries management (the "fishing rules"), resource sharing, access, environment and pollution. Recfishwest's extensive activities are described on their web pages - see Recfishwest website14 (link opens in a new browser window.)

The Association maintains lists of all record fish captures made in Western Australia. Anyone, resident or visitor, who has caught a fish in WA waters is entitled to claim the capture as a record.

By becoming a club member you can have your say in the future of angling in Western Australia, and this say can be supported by a lot of other club members.

Club Angling.

Probably the quickest and easiest way of becoming a proficient angler, is by joining an angling club.

Many club anglers are very experienced and amenable people, particularly if they can help a fellow angler. In club angling, members help one another by pooling their ideas and sharing their experiences.

By becoming a club angler you can join in the goodwill and fellowship of the angling community either as a leisure angler or as a competitive member.

Clubs combine or specialise in various types of angling activities including Beach and Rock, Estuary, Boat, Offshore, and Dry Casting.

Generally both families and individuals are welcome in all clubs. Competitions include events for individuals and teams, men, ladies, juniors, mini juniors and veterans.

For the competition angler, many clubs hold field days throughout the southern half of the state. There are fishing competitions at club, interclub, State and National levels. Reasonable prizes, trophies and the pleasure of being the winners can provide their own incentive.

For the casual angler who is not interested in competition, many clubs hold social events in conjunction with their angling activities, and turn a fishing trip into a pleasant social outing where the fish are a bonus.

Why Join a Club

By participating as a club angler you can;

- Learn to chose and use fishing gear and catch fish,

- Gain specific fishing and casting skills,

- Enjoy the companionship of like minded persons,

- Participate in regular field days and competitions,

- Attend regular meetings and talks about angling,

- Possibly win prizes and trophies in club, interclub, State and National competitions,

- Be eligible to enter State and National competition representing club and/or your State,

- Have your say in the management and future of recreational fishing in Western Australia,

- Be involved in recreational fisheries stocking programmes,

- Participate in recreational angling promotional programmes.

Australian Anglers Association, WA Division
PO Box 2200
Marmion Western Australia

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