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Duralum Trailers

Duralum is proud to introduce the cutting edge aluminium boat trailers to Australia for the first time. Manufactured by Rocket International Inc in Florida USA., Rocket International has been producing dependable, high quality trailers for the marine industry since 1985.

Duralum Trailers are made from heavy-duty marine graded aluminium, constructed entirely with stainless steel bolts, therefore there are no welds to crack and they will never rust. Our aluminium trailers meet all Australian regulations and are lightweight, keeping the towing weight to a minimum. So it is true to say… they will outlast any other steel trailer in the country!

After 17 yrs of success in operating his own family business in the area of electronics and service, Jorge Alvarez, a qualified electronic technician and director of Duralum Trailers Pty Ltd sold the business to explore his long life passion for boats.

Awesome American Boats was born in 2005 as Jorge traveled to the bayside cities of USA to hand pick only the very best boats to import to Australia. This gave Jorge the opportunity to share his boating & fishing adventures with the many happy customers throughout the years. While importing cabin cruisers, we found that our imported trailers that came with the boats where of much interest to our customers, so much so that some of the boats sold purely due to the customer’s keen interest in the trailer. You could say the trailers sold the boats for us! Soon enough we started gaining orders for aluminium trailers, although we still take orders for various American boat brands, which we import via our various networks and resources.

In 2006 Duralum was formed, as we discovered an opportunity to supply highly durable aluminium boat trailers to the Australian market. Since all trailers manufactured in Australia are made of heavy galvanized steel that eventually rust away, the benefits of light weight, rust resistant aluminium trailers was clearly evident! With this in mind, Jorge headed to American to investigate the competitive market of marine trailers, and after several months of research, meeting with various manufacturers and conversing with trailer owners themselves, we can to the conclusion that Rocket International Inc produces the highest quality aluminium trailers in comparison to other manufacturers. Not only did Rocket International stand the test of time, they proved to outlast all other boat trailers, even after 8-10yrs of continual use in salt environments they were still in top condition!

With Jorge’s extensive experience as owner of various boat trailer brands, Australian and abroad, he took it a step further and improved the product by refining additional features that enhance the value of the trailers we import to Australia today. By including Kodiak silver cadmium coated disc brakes & calipers, BrakeRite brake away systems, eliminator torsion axles with springless suspension and finally custom made axles to suit Australian regulations, to all Duralum Trailers as standard features. We have tested our trailers time and time again, traveling as far as from Melbourne to the Whittsundays in QLD, and towing a 28ft boat has never been so completely hassle free! We are confident that the outstanding, standard features of our exclusive Duralum Trailers are what make our trailers superior to any other manufactured locally.

Rocket International Trailers have proved to outlast all other boat trailers, still remaining in top condition even after 8-10yrs of continual use in salt environments! We are proud to announce that we have been appointed the sole and exclusive distributors of Rocket International aluminium trailers for Australia and New Zealand.

Duralum Trailers
Factory 4, 82 Brunel Rd
Seaford Victoria
1800 892 453

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