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Power Equipment Pty Ltd

Power Equipment has achieved an excellent reputation as a high quality supplier of diesel engines. Since the mid 1990's, Yanmar has consistently been by volume, the top-selling brand of diesel engine sold in Australia, irrespective of size or application.

Yanmar was founded in Osaka in 1912 by Magokichi Yamaoka, a student of Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel internal combustion engine. The company became well known in Japan for developing the first powered rice huller and began exporting kerosene engines in 1927.
In 1930, Yanmar produced its first diesel engine (with an output of 5hp). Increased investment allowed the construction of a new plant on the current Amagasaki site.
After rebuilding its war-damaged plants, Yanmar began mass producing small diesel engines in 1947 mainly to mobilise Japanese small fishing vessels. The company quickly gained a reputation for exceptionally smooth, lightweight and quiet running marine engines. Yanmar also extended its engine and component production for agriculture and began diversifying into other areas of industry and construction.
In nearly six decades since then, Yanmar has enjoyed constant product development and global expansion, including new production facilities in Europe and America in the 1990s.

World-class production
As far back as 1968, Yanmar set the finest production standards for which it was awarded the Demming Prize. Top quality levels are still the goal today. Production at the Amagasaki plant is monitored by a strict set of Lloyds approved standards that maintain the quality of a range of engines up to 5000hp. At Nagahama, production is carried out under control of the famous 'Kamban' system. Derived by Yanmar in conjunction with a leading automaker, this modern showpiece production system precisely times deliveries to achieve a production rate of one product every 24 seconds, the highest rate in the diesel industry.

2007 Restructuring of North America Companies New YA, YAMA and YMU.
Production of compact utility tractors at YAMA starts.
2006 Yanmar Celebrates 5 Millionth Engine.
India sales office established.
Yanmar develops woods based biomass power generation for Higashi-ohmi city.
2005 New Yanmar brand mark and mission statement established.
Yanmar Noki Korea established.
Capital Participation of Yanmar in India Tractor Manufacturer, ITL.
2004 Yanmar Construction Equipment Co.,Ltd. established.
Yanmar Construction Equipment Sales Co.,Ltd. established.
Yanmar Agricultural Machinery(Thailand) Co.,Ltd. established.
2003 Yanmar Energy System Co.,Ltd. established
Yanmar Engine(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. established.
Shandong Shefeng Yanmar Engine Co.,Ltd established.
2002 Yanmar's 90th anniversary since foundation
Company name changed to Yanmar Co., Ltd.
Yanmar Marine International BV, Yanmar Marine System Co., Ltd., Yanmar Logistics Service Co.,Ltd. stablished
2001 Joint venture company for production of parts launched in Indonesia
2000 New R&D laboratories opened in Maibara.
Yanmar Energy System Co. Ltd established.
1997 Production of marine engines begins at Yanmar Europe-Netherlands. Yanmar announces cooperation with Mercruiser.
1996 Production for Yanmar Diesel America begins in Chicago.
1992 Yanmar celebrated its 80th anniversary. Amagasaki & Nagahama plants received ISO 9001 certification. Post-war production reached 10,000,000 units.
1978 Amagasaki Plant received certification as an engine manufacturer by both the American Bureau of Shipping and Lloyd's Register. This became the first factory in Japan to receive simultaneous certification from ABS, Lloyds and the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK).
1967 Yanmar (Malaysia) Snd. Bhd. established in Kuala Lumpur. Kinomoto plant established and started production of small diesel tractors.
1966 Yanmar concluded sales and service agreement with Rolls Royce.
1955 President Magokichi Yamaoka was awarded the Gold Diesel Medal by the Inventors' Association of Germany for his invention of the small diesel engine.
1950 Began export to Brazil. Exports to India greatly expanded.
1947 Yanmar's war-damaged plants are renovated and the mass production of small marine diesel engines began.
1939 Nagahama Plant established. This is now the main Yanmar plant.
1938 Began exporting Yanmar Diesel Engines to the Philippines and India.
1930 Developed vertical 2-cycle 5 HP Diesel Engine. This was the first diesel engine made by Yanmar, and the first model to be purchased by the Ministry of Agriculture.
1921 The brand name Yanmar adopted. By coupling an engine with a rice huller, Yanmar created the first Powered Rice Huller in Japan.
1912 Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho (Engine Manufacturing Company), forerunner of Yanmar Diesel Engine Co Ltd, founded by Magokichi Yamaoka in Osaka.

Yanmar Genuine Parts
Service & Replacement Intervals
Parts Warranty
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"Quality where it counts"

As the old saying goes, "imitation is the greatest form of flattery".

The problem with imitations is that they are invariably inferior in materials and manufacturing quality and never compare to the real thing. That's why they are cheaper. Imitations are not made to last, nor do they do the job that genuine parts are designed and made to do.

Genuine parts are not just spare parts - they are an important component of the whole machine. Genuine parts are designed to fulfil all technical and performance requirements precisely. If you are a Yanmar Diesel engine owner already, we don't need to tell you about quality and reliability - you already know that.

When you choose genuine Yanmar parts you are 100% assured of quality, reliability and compliance with original equipment specifications. Yanmar genuine parts deliver:

Genuine parts warranty
Assured servicing
Rapid parts delivery support
Access to worldwide parts database in Asia, USA & Europe
Full factory technical support

Protect your investment and ensure the safety of you and those that depend on you by using Genuine Yanmar Parts supplied by an appointed Yanmar dealer.

Power Equipment Pty Ltd
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