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Bass Recipes

Bass recipes are always popular since fishing for bass is one of the most well-loved participation sports in America. It has evolved from fishing for food into a competitive sport in which, ironically, the caught fish are returned to the water in a 'catch and release' program. It has even given its name to the must-have toy for big boys on the East Coast, the 'Bass Boat'.

If there's a fisher in your life, you may find yourself with more bass than you know what to do with. Take heart - they're more than a 'good fighting fish', they're also good eating in dozens of bass recipes. But know your rights - insist that the fish come to you cleaned and fileted or otherwise ready to cook.

The most popular bass for sport is the largemouth, a freshwater fish indigenous to the eastern United States; it has been widely stocked thoughout the world as a sport fish. It is carnivorous and will eat anything it can fit in its eponymously large mouth.

Picking Fish for Bass Recipes
"Sea bass" is a saltwater fish that can be either a black bass, related to the largemouth and smallmouth black bass, or a Patagonian Toothfish, a fish found in the waters of South America and sold as 'Chilean Sea Bass'.

If you like this fish and have no familial source, most species are available at the fresh fish counter in reasonably well-stocked grocery stores. Check out some of our bass recipes on this page for new ideas on how to prepare your fish. .

Bass Recipes

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