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Pan Roasted Sea Bass

RecipesCreated for home cooks by a home cook!Pan Roasted Sea Bass
Pan Roasting is how professional chefs cook all the time but how many of you have heard of this technique or pan roast at home.

Before you start this recipe, I recommend you read my article on Pan Roasting to pick up some tips on how to pan roast properly. It provides you with some great tips and suggestions to help understand how pan roasting works and why it is a popular cooking method with professional chefs.

Currently there is a lot of controversy about Chilean Sea Bass, also called the Patagonian toothfish and you can read more about this controversy below.

This recipe calls for sea bass and there are many varieties of sea bass including black sea bass, white sea bass, giant sea bass, Japanese seabass, European seabass and I'm sure there are more. I suppose if you want to confuse the issue even more, we could talk about striped bass but that's another species and a topic for another time.

Ignoring the controversy, I am a big fan of Chilean sea bass but because of the very high cost, I don't buy it very often. I am amazed at how such an ugly fish can taste so good. Instead I often opt for black sea bass or stripe bass, both coming out of the Atlantic ocean.

RG Reluctant Gourmet's Tips

1. Check out Pan Roasting tips

2. Prep your ingredients before you start preparing meal.

3. Use a heavy bottomed oven proof sauté pan.

4. Taste as you go along

Pan Roasted Sea Bass

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