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The Sunshine Fly Casting Club

Club President, Ted Bown

Ted has been with the club a number of years. He has a pretty cool new Mitsubishi and a great bew camper. Ted is Club president. He always come to the club with something nifty and new. He is pictured here with his go anywhere LED 12Volt desk lamp, ideal for tying.

Vice President!, Billy Sharp.... Eucumbene Bill.

Bill loves Lake Eucumbene and goes there quite often. He has a large collection of his own special mudeye flies that he uses to catch trout with at Eucumbene.

Club Secretary, Brian Cocks.

Brian Cocks is club secretary, casting team member, active behind the scenes man, lawn mower man. He has been with the club for 11 years and loves to fish.

His life long ambition has been to hook up into a double figure trout but I'd reckon he'd love to land one as well. A true blue western suburbs lad, Brian barracks for the Bulldogs. Favourite fly is Mr Kerrs mudeye and favourite fishing spot is the Rubicon River.

Brian is a terrific caster and a fantastic asset to the club.

Favourite fly, Mr Kerrs mudeye and favourite spot, the Rubicon River. Funniest moment, but not at the time was locking keys in the car at the Rubicon. Considered using a discarded brick to do a bit of glass work on the car but changed mind with the use of a little piece of fencing wire which fell off a fence, by accident. Moral of the story, don�t fish alone.

Rob Frye He is a life member and Honorary President of the Fly In Committee

Rob barracks for the Bulldogs as well and loves Newlyns and Fyans. Favourite fly is the Damsel. He would love to win an Open casting Competition and has his sights set on the Fly In. Maybe this year will be his year.

For the young guys out there, this is Bobs last year on the Fyans committee so please make sure that you learn heaps from him when you take on this new responsibility next year.


Peter Friend is our Treasurer and his hopes for 2008 are a Brown trout over 3 pound on a fly that he has tied. I( I know a spot in NZ where you could do this easily...and that's not a load of Blarney). He's a good bloke because he barracks for the Bombers ( pretty sad name for a team in the 21st century). Loves the Craigs Nightime and favourite fishing spot is Purrumbete
He is a great boat partner, bringing cakes, hot coffee and other delicacies on board the boat. Always nice to have him on board.

Fly Casting Captain, Steve Radford

Steve does a terrific job as casting captain. He always has his finger on the pulse of what is going on. Just ask him!

Steve Radford would love to improve his casting to fish and would love to catch more fish. This guy is so tall, he doesn't need to cast to the fish. He can wade out to them! Footy team is St.Kilda. Favourite fly is baby doll and favourite spot is New Zealand..and thats anywhere in New Zealand.

Sunflyer editor, Kieran McCann

Kieren is a top bloke and Irish, but don't hold that against him. He does a fantastic job with the 4 x yearly newsletter. Loves reading those English magazines to find out the latest and greatest from the Pommes.

Fly tying Committee, Chris Myszka.

Chris is our number one tier having won the tying competition so many times, that there is no more room for his name on the trophy.

Chris is another terrific club member and geat bloke to go fishing with and he has accompanied me on various trips to State and National competitions and managed to get to the Worlds in New Zealand this year with me as well.

The Sunshine Fly Casting Club

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