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The red tag fly fishers club was formed in 1932. It has a long and proud history and today its members actively engage in the pursuits of fly fishing, fly casting and fly tying in a friendly and welcoming environment. We invite experienced and new fly fishers to come down to our club and meet the members. Many years ago a lone bait fisherman spending his Saturday afternoons at the Toorourrong, that small but attractively situated reservoir at Whittlesea, where the trout are hard to catch, was attracted by the method of a fellow angler who, using a dry fly, cast to and secured a fish at what seemed to our "garden hackle" exponent an incredible distance, and he at once determined to study this very different method of taking trout.

The "dry fly" fisherman was Mr Reg. Lyne, of Melbourne; the observer, Mr Wilf Crouch, of Doncaster, and the chance meeting of these two enthusiasts was destined, in later years, to improve the technique of fly casting beyond belief; for from Mr Crouch’s enthusiasm of his new found art resulted in a purely fly fisher’s club.

To Mr J. M. Gillies, the well known angler and golfer and also a devotee of the Toorourrong, who observed Mr Crouch, with first one and then another of his numerous protégés receiving instruction in the art of casting flies, belongs the credit for suggesting that a fly fishers group be formed for casting practice on a Doncaster orchard dam.

The rapid and permanent conversion of numerous bait anglers followed and in 1932 some fifty anglers, under the energetic secretaryship of Mr Frank Park of Box Hill, banded themselves together under the appropriate title of "Red Tag" club.

The art of fly fishing can be broken down into three components.
1. Understanding Fly Tackle & Equipment
<ºj))))>< Fly equipment (rods, reels, line, etc)
<ºj))))>< Tying appropriate knots
2. Casting
<ºj))))>< Learning to cast
<ºj))))>< Presenting the fly
3. Fishing Strategies & Techniques
<ºj))))>< Identifying the use of appropriate flies
<ºj))))>< Stream craft - reading the waterways

New fly fishers are encouraged to first learn the art of casting and the club gives you access to our casting pool situated close to our club house in Fairfield. We provide free expert fly casting tuition to new members and have equipment available while being tutored at the casting pool. In a couple of hours and with a little practice we’ll have you casting confidently.

Fly Equipment and Other Resources
Often new fly fishers are unsure of the type of fly equipment to purchase. The club can provide a list of appropriate inexpensive and quality fly tackle and has a number of suppliers who provide discounts to our members. The club also has an extensive library of books and DVD’s and these are excellent to build up knowledge and learn new skills such as knot tying. The club also has regular fly tying nights with instructors to guide you through the art of fly tying.

Fishing trips and club meetings
The best way to learn stream craft and fishing strategies is through actually fishing. Red Tag hosts a number of fly fishing trips throughout the year. Experience members of the club are always on hand to pass on knowledge of stream craft and spend time with you on the water. Some members also plan ad hoc trips from time to time and this is an additional opportunity to get on the water and learn the art of fly fishing. Our regular club meetings provide the opportunity to discuss fishing reports and latest tactics of catching fish with a fly.

Contact: secretary, po box 5095, alphington, vic 3078

PO Box 5095
Alphington Victoria 3078

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