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Fly Fish Tasmania

Fly Fishing the pristine wilderness of the rivers and lakes of Tasmania is an experience that you will never forget.

Let Tasmanian Fishing guide Peter Hayes and his trout fishing team, guide you to your ultimate "wilderness fishing". Experience the challenge of "Sight fishing" and Polaroiding to large brown trout 'grazing' in reedy lake margins.

If your personal fly fishing challenge is stalking trout... Your heart may skip a beat as you watch a trophy size brown trout open its mouth to engulf your fly.

Alternatively fly fishing experiences available

You may choose to cast a fly to speckled river trout on our beautiful lowland streams, or classic dry-fly fishing during prodigious mayfly hatches on our large, cool, clear Tasmanian lakes.

"Premier Guides" will take you to the trout. Their knowledge of Entomology, fly patterns and fly fishing, will provide you with unforgettable Tasmanian fishing experience.
Hello fellow fly fishing enthusiast!

I will be posting the products I stock here shortly, including an online shopping facility. I stock a great range of fly fishing equipment from rods to flies to lines. For now, you can call me on 0409 944 699 and discuss what best suits your needs.

INDOOR PRACTICE ROD - $80 plus post.
The Tim Rajeff Indoor Practice Rod casts and loads just like a regular 5 weight rod. It comes in two pieces packaged in a handy plastic carry tube.

By regularly using this fun casting aid I know you will dramatically improve almost every aspect of your casting stroke. Learn to throw tight, narrow loops with good line speed. Improve accuracy by developing greater hand eye coordination in the comfort of your lounge room.

The indoor rod is the perfect tool for learning curve and aerial mend casts that are so necessary for successful river fishing. These rods are also designed for roll casting on carpet and you will be amazed at competent you become at this cast.

At just $80 they make the ideal gift. Every fly fisherman that wants to improve his cast should have one.

HAYES SUPER STRIPPER - $35 plus post

As time goes by more and more anglers are understanding the benefit of a good stripping basket. I canít think of a single fly fishing time when you should not use one. Iím a great exponent of efficiency in fly fishing as I believe efficient angling is not only more productive but it makes the experience a whole lot more pleasurable.

Think of this: wading and fishing up stream - your slack line is forever pulled downstream by the current. Difficult to cast out again and forever stuck or getting wrapped around your leg.

Muddy lake shore - line gets dirty and doesnít shoot, line gets stuck on rocks and bushes.

Boat fishing - line is constantly around everything that sticks out, you spoil every second delivery cast by standing on the line. The wind is constantly blowing your line overboard - finally around the propeller.

Saltwater fishing. Boy! Sand, oysters, wave wash.

Sinking lines: Absolutely necessary for al sink line fishing.

I could go on, and on, and on!
Cost: at just $35 plus post is a small investment.

Call or email me to order one.

HAYES Superdrogue - $120 plus post

As used in the New Zealand World Fly Fishing Championships 2008.

Custom designed and built by Peter Hayes:

Not the usual conical single rope drogue. This rectangular sheet drogue was designed and rigorously tested over 4 seasons of guiding way back in 1994.
Since then I am proud to say that my design of drogue has now become the accepted and standard drogue used by the vast majority of fly fishers.

It is often copied but rarely equalled in either performance or quality.

The benefits of this style of drogue are many:

* Much better at slowing down the boat drift because of the large surface area.
* Permanently attached to bow and stern (it comes alongside when motoring forward or in reverse, so during a days fishing you rarely need to pull it in)
* By shortening or lengthening either rope it is possible to ísteerí the boat on the down wind drift.

* Unlike competitors more rigid copies with poles, chains and floats this drogue is fully foldable/packable so that you can easily store it out of the way in a locker.

* Ideal for use when lure fishing too.

Construction: Welded PVC

Dimensions: Drogue proportions ideally suit fly fishing boats between 3 and 5 meters.

Drogue Cost (excluding postage): $120

Optional float kit : $20

Fly Fish Tasmania
1696 Cressy Rd
61 3 63982333 Tasmania
61 3 63982333

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