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Location: Hobart Tasmania
Description: TASSAL is Australia's largest producer and exporter of Atlantic Salmon, marketed under the Royal Tasmanian Salmon brand. Modern aquaculture methods combined with our sparkling, clean, environment in Tasmania enable us to produce some of the most delicious Salmon in the world. We hope you enjoy our web site and if you have any questions or comments about our operation please let us know via e-mail. For over 25 years, we’ve been bringing delicious, fresh and healthy Tasmanian Atlantic salmon from our pristine waters to your table. Today, we’re the leaders in producing Atlantic salmon in Australia and employ over 650 fabulous people all of whom share our passion for this beautiful Superfood. Since we opened our marine sites in 1986, our company has grown from a privately-owned operation to a major public company listed on the ASX in November 2003. We want to share our passion and our years of innovation, testing and knowledge to bring you this website full of cooking tips and easy recipe ideas for every season and occasion. We’ve filled our new site with information about Omega 3 and asked real people why eating Tassal Atlantic salmon is important to them. Let us take you on a journey through our delicious range of products, available at leading supermarkets, fresh fish shops and on the menus of many restaurants across Australia. Then, we invite you to meet our dedicated Tassal Chefs who cook salmon for consumers Australia wide, and visit our Salmon Shop in Hobart. We hope you enjoy your tasty journey to better health. Our History 1642 Van Diemen’s Land was discovered by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. 1960 Beautiful Atlantic salmon stock imported from Nova Scotia, Canada. 1980 Tasmanian Fisheries Development Authority agrees salmon farming has good prospects in Australia’s pristine waters. 1984 First fertilised Atlantic salmon eggs purchased. Team eagerly awaits arrival of first family. 1986 In the same year that Kylie married Jason in Neighbours, Tassal Limited was born. 1986 We build our first home farm for our salmon in Dover’s pure waters and develop a hatchery in Tasmania’s Central Highlands. 1987 We’re proud to announce our first commercial harvest yielded 53 tonnes of beautiful Atlantic salmon. 1996 We’re awarded the international ISO9002 quality accreditation and maintain it year on year. 2003 Tassal is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. 2009 Our Salmon Shop and Smolt Restaurant open in Hobart. 2010 We’re now Australia’s largest Atlantic salmon producers and marketers, harvesting over 12,000 tonnes of our salmon every year - the equivalent to nearly a quarter of the weight of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and 70% of Australia’s entire Atlantic salmon production.



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