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Cairns Fishing Guide

An American by the name of George Bransford was the first to fish largely for the Black Marlin off Cairns. He was a paratrooper in World War II stationed on the Tablelands (90 minutes from Cairns) and when on leave would visit Cairns regularly to fish for smaller Black Marlin and other species that the area was already renowned for.

The small blacks were in abundance during the winter months and sightings of the larger fish by local commercial fishermen, fuelled Bransford’s desire to catch the rumoured giants. He returned to Florida after the war, though came back to Cairns in the early 1960’s. Unaware of its full potential, Bransford’s quest for the big fish grew.

He built a small game fishing boat named "SEA BABY" and spent many, many persistent months trolling the Great Barrier Reef. Initially on the inside of the reef, without success - venturing further out wide 'til he reached the edge of the Continental Shelf. It was here that he encountered his first battles with the elusive giants, during the months of September, October and November.

On the 25th September 1966, George Bransford landed his first thousand pound marlin, caught by his deckhand Richard Obach.

Australia’s first "grander" and the many "thousand pound plus" fish caught in the few years following, established Cairns internationally as the home of the Giant Black Marlin.

Each year these giant fish migrate to the 150 mile stretch of the Great Barrier Reef between Cairns and Lizard Island to breed. The area has now produced more big Marlin of 1000 pounds and heavier than any other part of the world.

Anglers travel from across the globe to Cairns each year to experience some of the most exciting game fishing imaginable and if you are a serious big game angler, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

If you need assistance to organise your charter and other holiday requirements to make the most of your fishing experience in Far North Queensland, we are here to help!

The Cairns Fishing Guide is brought to you by a selection of Australia’s leading game fishing captains and top river fishing guides. Their highly experienced crews, world class vessels, up to date fishing reports and availability and costings at hand will ensure you one of the most professional fishing adventures possible, whether you be in search of the awesome giant black marlin on the outer barrier reef or keen on chasing the famous barramundi in our beautiful rainforest and mangrove locations.

Half day, full day, shared, exclusive, extended wilderness and Great Barrier Reef packages – budget through to 5 star – a fishing trip from everybody, family through to corporate.

Locations, hot spots, tackle information, fish species, weather, tide and moon phase info, world class charter boats and a great photo gallery come together to make this one of Cairns’ most informative fishing sites.

Email, call or fax and we will tailor-design the right fishing package with the most experienced option available to suit your budget, timeframe and requirements.

September, October, November, December Beautiful, powerful and mysterious - the Black, Blue and Striped Marlin are considered the pinnacle of fish evolution and the physical strength of the Giant Blacks make it one of the most exciting big game fish.

The colour patterns of the Black Marlin can change to varying shades of blue/black before striking baits and its suitably streamlined body is solidly muscled enabling it to swim for extended distances at amazingly fast speeds and to launch itself high out of the water, in a display of incredible acrobatics.

The pectoral fins on these big fish are rigid and fixed on Black Marlin over 55kg (120lbs). The dorsal fin is low and mounded and the bill is short heavy and round. Virtually all Black Marlin over 200kg (440lbs) are female fish - they are larger and live longer than the males.

Black Marlin are found in tropical and temperate waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans and although they prefer the oceans they are found close to the Australian coast.

The edge of the Continental Shelf, just off the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns, is where they spawn each year between October and December.

January, February, March, April The Blue Marlin are the heaviest and biggest of all the Marlins recorded commercially. They are an exciting fish in all sizes, tough fighters and spectacular jumpers that tend to fight deeper than Black or Striped Marlin.

Blue Marlin have a moderately heavy round bill, medium high dorsal fin and pectoral fins that are tapered and flat.

The Blue Marlin fishing offers a very exciting alternative to the Giant Black Marlin fishing that has made Cairns famous. The season commences at the closure of the Black Marlin season and enhances the opportunity for anglers to experience big fish through until Easter.

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