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Venture Fly Fishing

Tasmanian Venture Fly Fishing and Trout Fishing tours know fishing in Tasmania. Venture Fly Fishing Tours offer country hospitality, many unique tour options including All Year Round Trout Fishing, a Private Fishery at one of Tasmania's premier resorts near Launceston, and Exclusive Private Shore Fishing at Tasmania's most popular trout water, Arthur's Lake.

We have excellent accommodation facilities on our farm at Blackwood Creek and at Arthur's Lake. Accommodation is included in our fishing tour package fee or can be hired separately.

Our business motto is Any-where - Anytime. Our site will demonstrate we live up to this motto. Be it fishing out of the boat in Arthur's or the Great Lake, experiencing the famous Macquarie River and Brumby's Creek, walking and fishing the 3000 Western Lakes, fishing Blackman's Lagoon and Little Waterhouse Lake in the North East or spending time in the Cradle Mountain / Lake St. Clair National Park fishing Lake St. Clair and St. Clair Lagoon, or Lakes Forgotten and Shadow, we offer it all.

Take some time to search through our site which will provide you with large amounts of information on fly fishing in Tasmania, and Tasmania's environment and wildlife - you won't be disappointed. Venture Fly Fishing Tours conduct fully-guided Tasmanian fishing tours with an expert accredited fishing guide. Even though we go "Anywhere Anytime" most Tasmanian Fly Fishing Tours take place in the Tasmanian central highlands where there are hundreds of lakes to choose from.
Peter and Betty live on a beautiful farm at Blackwood Creek, on the side of the Great Western Tiers. The property is about 40 minutes drive from Launceston and only 30 minutes away from the Great Lake or 10 minutes drive from the famous fishery, Brumby's Creek. From their farmhouse windows and outdoor decking the spectacular views take in glorious pastures and bushland for miles around with domestic stock, horses and deer a plenty. In addition, the area is home to a huge array of Tasmanian native wildlife and bird life.

The rugged landscape of mountains Poatina, Mount Barrow and Ben Lomond fill the horizon - a scene like a master artist has painted them into this living picture of beauty. The quality of crisp, clean water and the air you breath has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Betty and Peter share common interests apart from fly-fishing. Both love the outdoors, be it riding their horses, bush walking, observing wildlife or tending to their pets and stock. The farm has a small dam filled with rainbow trout, which is used for training purposes and to educate children in the art of fishing.

Our Mission Statement
Venture Fly Fishing will strive to provide professional, personalised, and price conscious quality tourism experiences without losing focus on safety, relaxation and the world famous Tasmanian environment. We will always strive to satisfy our customers expectations by applying our local knowledge, life and fishing skills and experience whilst ensuring all of our equipment is modern and maintained to comply with all regulatory and statutory obligations.

The Experience
Peter and Betty provide an all round tourism adventure for the people they host. Experiencing nature and the wildlife, living the farm life, or day tours to Tasmanian attractions such as the First Basin, Liffey Falls, Brickendon or just a days shopping.
(Choose a fishing location)

Anywhere - Anytime is our motto. The central highlands of Tasmania are the most popular area for still water fly-fishing where there are hundreds of lakes to choose from. The difficulty is firstly finding the water and then knowing when best to, and how to fish the water.

Our Blackwood Creek property is only minutes away from the world-class trout water, Brumby's Creek. We know this water very well. We recommend this clear running water for experienced fly-fisher's who wish to challenge themselves on one of the hardest trout waters in the world. We sight fish this water either via drifting in the boat or polaroiding the shores.

Other rivers such as the famous Macquarie and Lake River are only a short distance from our base and are well known to us.

The rivers listed in this section are no more than 20 minutes drive from our farm at Blackwood Creek.

Brumby's Creek
Don't be fooled by the name - this water is so much more than a creek thanks to water being taken from the Great Lake and sent down the mountain into Poatina Power Station. Around the mid 1960's the beautiful and peaceful Brumby's Creek was transformed into an escape hatch for the millions of litres cold, clean, mountain water that travels through the Poatina Power Station. In order to slow down the water three weirs were built which resulted in a magnificent, world-class trout fishery. Stretching for about 10 miles the combination of the weirs and the river generate every fly-fishing opportunity dreamed about. Make no mistake Brumby's Creek will test any fly-fisherman both in being successful in the hook up and to actually landing these well conditioned trout. The fish are hard to fool, go like torpedos and there are many natural obstacles for the fish to hook you up on. But when you do have success you will never forget the satisfaction and feeling of such great achievement.

Polaroiding and dry fly fishing opportunities are arguably the best in Tasmania.

Brumby's Creek flows into the famous Macquarie River.

Macquarie River
The Macquarie is generally separated into three areas. From our base at Blackwood Creek we can reach the middle and lower sections with ease. The river is world renowned for superb dry fly-fishing due to the constant fly life that makes the river come alive with active top feeding fish. Flood and back water fishing is another highlight of the river. Easy access, beautiful scenery and the best red spinner hatches in Tasmania. What more could you want?

Lake River
The Lake River is generally overlooked by fly-fisherman due to the close proximity of the Macquarie River. The Lake River commences from the outflow of Woods Lake and travels through mainly farming country. The river, after flood, produces exceptional backwater fishing. During the dry fly season the river seldom disappoints. The great thing about the Lake River is the majority of times you fish it, you have the place all to yourself. The fish are the same in size as the Macquarie and is recommended for the fisherman looking for something different and one in search of peace and quite.

Blackwood Creek - Garcia's Creek - Palmers Rivulet - Weston's Creek - Poatina Creek
All these forgotten or yet to be discovered little waters hold excellent numbers of trout with surprising numbers over 1 pound. Only locals know about the value of these waters and very few will ever talk about the big resident trout. This fishing experience is very different to most offered by guiding services in Tasmania and is recommended for those of us that find walking small streams using light gear very enjoyable.

Private Fishery
Chancellor Grindelwald Resort

Venture Flyfishing has the approval to conduct year round learn how to cast courses and undertake guided fly-fishing activities at the beautiful Grindelwald Lake. The lake was designed as a holding reservoir to provide Tamar Valley Grindelwald Resort with water resources for its outdoor activities, including the golf course.

The water is very large and has both rainbow and brown trout residents. We fish the water both out of the boat and from the shore. The lake has magnificent weed beds and a large amount of trees lining the shore that combine to provide excellent insect life and in turn very strong fighting fish.

Tamar Valley Grindelwald Resort is the gateway to the Tamar Valley region, offering a choice of hotel suits or two bedroom fully self contained chalets, plus extensive recreational facilities in picturesque surroundings. There are over 45 boutique vineyards within an hour's drive of the resort. Whether starting or finishing your holiday the resort is located 15 minutes from Launceston and only 50 minutes from the Devonport ferry terminal.

We recommend this beautiful resort as a perfect way to commence your holiday in Tasmania. Venture fly-fishing can take you onto Grindelwald Lake so as you can acclimatise to Tasmanian trout fishing before venturing into the central highlands.

Venture Fly Fishing

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