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Crackajack Sportfishing Adventures

Hinchinbrook Fishing Fly Fishing or Lure Fishing at Hinchinbrook Queensland, Australia.

Go on a Hinchinbrook Barramundi fishing trip, or fishing charter holiday on mangrove lined rivers and creeks in the Hinchinbrook channel north Queensland, Australia.

Anglers will experience some of the best North Queensland sport fishing as well as top Australian salt water fly fishing for Barramundi in a true mangrove wilderness.

Fishing Queensland does not come any better than along this scenic coastline with the backdrop of Hinchinbrook Island, the world's largest oceanic Island National Park with its breathtaking rainforest, water falls and rugged mountain peaks.

Fish for Barramundi and Mangrove Jack with Captain Al Goodwin - Hinchinbrook shire's resident full-time salt water fishing guide.

Al has been fishing at Lucinda now for twenty years and a fishing writer keeping anglers abreast of current happenings around Lucinda and in the Hinchinbrook Channel.

Visiting anglers can experience some of the best North Queensland fishing at Lucinda.

Catch that trophy Barramundi, Mangrove jack, Fingermark, Trevally, Queenfish, King Salmon Mackerel, Javelin fish and many more.

Whether it be casting the shallow channel flats or the vast mangrove river and creek systems, your Lucinda fishing guide Al Goodwin has years of experience when it comes to fishing the Hinchinbrook Channel.

Crackajack Sportfishing Adventures Operating fulltime since 1992
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Barramundi fishing is the single most popular fishing activity in tropical and sub tropical Australia.
Hinchinbrook is renound for its vast mangrove wilderness and fine barramundi fishing.
Located midway between Townsville and Cairns on the Coast from Ingham the Hinchinbrook shire is a great place to spend a little time barra fishing.
Hinchinbrook channel has had no commercial barramundi harvesting for some five years now resulting in many more breeding stock in the channel for future enhancement.
Restocking has also been taking place for many years now by the Hinchinbrook Restocking Group and supported by the local Ingham Rod and Reel fishing club.

Crackajack Sportfishing Adventures conducting Barramundi fishing holidays and day tours from Lucinda at the southern end of hinchinbrook channel for sixteen years.
Your guide Al Goodwin along with partner Larraine have lived at Lucinda and fished the hinchinbrook area for around 20 years.
Weather it be lure casting or fly fishing visitors have the opportunity to experience some of the best wild stock barra fishing in the north.
Fishing for and catching wild Barramundi is the ultimate angling experence, barra in the wild are wirily, cautious, and hard fighting.

Barramundi - Australia's Premier Inshore Sportfish (Saltwater)
When: All year round - best months September/May
Fishing Methods: Through the summer months lure/crankbait/fly. During the rest of the year live bait fishing works well.Drift casting with guide bow thruster support. Casting mangrove creeks and channel flats, trolling drop-offs and river holes.
Size: Up to 45lb/20kg in this area.
Tackle: Lurefishing bait/plug casters around 20lb/8kg. Flyfishing 8-10wt intermediate line.
Habitat: Rivers, channel flats, mangroves, rocky shorelines and creeks.
Season: Closed to harvest November/December/January (Non-target catch and release only).

Giant Trevally
When: All year round - best months May to September.
Fishing Methods: Spin, lure/topwater or fly/live bait.
Size: Up to 2-80lb/1-40kg in this area.
Tackle: Lurefishing. Flyfishing 8-10kg/25lb.
Habitat: Saltwater channels, mangrove rivers and creeks.

Mangrove Jack
When: All year round - North Queensland Summer September/May
Fishing Methods: Spin/lurefishing/flyfishing/live bait.
Size: Up to 12lb/5kg in this area.
Tackle: Bait/plugcasters 20lb/8kg. Fly 7-9wt
Habitat: Mangrove shorelines and channel flats.

When: All year round
Fishing Methods: Lurefishing/flyfishing/live bait.
Size: Up to 30lb/14kg in this area.
Tackle: Lurefishing 25lb/8-10kg. Flyfishing 8-10wt line all.
Habitat: Hinchinbrook flats, channels, close reefs.

When: Year round, spring & summer best.
Fishing Methods: Bait fishing, incidental lure captures.
Size: Up to 10lb most 4.5kg.
Tackle: Spin 20lb 8-10kg line.
Habitat: Channel flats, river and creek mouths.

Crackajack Sportfishing Adventures
172 Patterson Parade
Lucinda Queensland 4850
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