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Viking II

Gold Coast Marlin Season
Fish aboard the Magnificent 46ft Viking 11 with Capt Billy Billson on the Gold Coast for Black Marlin, (Bumper season so far) for 50% off normal rate, will not buy better. Book now while madness lasts!!.

Capt Bill has been Game fishing all his life, and professionally sport fishing for 28 years, running Marlin fishing charters, sport fishing charters and exclusive Bluewater fly fishing charters, and one of the few owner operators in the industry.
Starting as a crewmen on Australia's top Marlin boats and now recognised himself as Australia's No 1 sport fishing and game fishing boat Captain. This statement can be verified by his results of the past 10 years. No other Australian Captain comes close to his tournament achievements, as one example Capt Bill and his boats Viking and Viking II have won the prestigious Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic 4 times and runners up just as many. The largest tournament in the Southern-Hemisphere, the New South Wales interclub tournament, has also been won by Captain Bill 4 times. The largest Game fish ever to be caught on saltwater fly a incredable 289lb blue marlin on 20lb tippet was caught on Viking 11 with Bill as captain as well as the largest striped marlin on fly 231lb on 16lb tippet.

He is consistently in the top placing on all tournaments from Cairns to Sydney. His list of Marlin captures for his clients is outstanding, including 10 one thousand pound marlin weighed, two over one thousand two hundred pounds. He is conservative in saying that he has tagged & released another 30 marlin over a thousand pound, between Cairns and Lizard Island. In 2002 and 2003 Viking II amazed the rest of the Cairns Fleet by consecutively catching over 100 fish for the Giant Black Marlin season, rarely done before. (101 & 105) he is consistently in the top few boats for most fish caught for the season, and topped the fleet again in the most recent 2007 season.

Capt Bill's diversity in fishing excells with Bluewater fly fishing. Two of the most famous world records were caught off Viking II., with Billson as Captain. His Fly-fishing records include the largest fish ever caught on fly (289lb blue marlin on 20lb tippet) the largest striped marlin ever caught on fly ( 231lb striped marlin on 16lb ) and a 151lb black marlin also on 16lb. So you can be sure you are in the best of hands when you chose a fishing charter on the Viking II.

Viking II is perfectly appointed to provide superior speed, manoeuvrability and comfort and is ideal for day trips, live-aboard charters, or working with a mother ship on Australia's Great Barrier Reef and the east coast of Australia.
Between September & December, Great Barrier Reef / Cairns

Without question the 150 mile stretch of the Great Barrier Reef between Cairns & Lizard Island provides the finest fishing in the world for very large marlin.
The International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) keeps records of fish over 1,000 pounds captured utilising equpiment within the IGFA Rules. 70% of all marlin over a 1000 pound are caught off the Great Barrier Reef between Cairns and Lizard Island.

You have a better chance at catching a grander marlin in Australia than anywhere else in the world (by a significant margin). In fact, for every grander caught in Kona, Brazil, Madeira, the Azores and Mauritius combined, the relatively small Australian fleet captures two. And the conservation ethic is very strong in Australia, so top-notch boats like Viking II release more 'granders' than they kill these days.

One can take day trips from the tropical tourist city of Cairns or from the exclusive resort at Lizard Island, and granders are caught each year by anglers on day charters. In fact a 1,218 lb beast was taken by an angler on a split day-charter out of Cairns on the Viking with Capt. Bill Billson.

But you increase your chances at the biggest fish by chartering a multiple-day trip and living on the reef, diving or snorkeling or reef fishing in the morning, trolling for giants in the afternoon, and relaxing amidst the beauty and solitude of the reef at night.

Anglers can either live comfortably aboard the game fishing boat or charter a mothership from 60 to 120 ft and live in luxury comparable to a 5-star hotel.

This allows anglers to follow the fish with the freedom to move where the fishing is best on the reef at the moment.

Generally fishing is better to the north near Lizard Island early in the season. Then the main 'bite' moves south towards the Cairns area the latter half of the season. Names like the Ribbon Reefs, Linden Bank, Agincourt, Opal Reef, St. Crispins Reef, Onyx Reef and Jenny Louise Shoals are legendary to the anglers lucky enough to have hooked into the giant marlin that populate the area.

The large fish are of course the main attraction, but Cairns is also famous for its diversity in light tackle sport fish. The morning's bait fishing can give the anglers great enjoyment on light tackle catching such species as wahoo, King mackerel, various tuna species, Giant Trevally and mahi mahi. This ensures fresh fish for the table and fresh baits for the big marlin. Of course, there is also a chance of a small black marlin or sailfish even while bait fishing.

In a typical season, a charter of one week generally provides a 50-50 shot at landing a marlin over 800 lbs, though of course there are no guarantees. Chartering one of the most productive boats and Captains increases the odds in your favour, and Captain Bill Billson's Viking II has proven itself as one of the top big-marlin boats in the world.

Charter Options for Giant Black Marlin Fishing

Day Tripping from Cairns, Port Douglas or Lizard Island - Departing 7:30 Returning 18:30
Live-Aboard the Viking II - For extended time up to 8 days staying aboard the Viking II overnight behind the Great Barrier Reef in 2 Air-conditioned cabins. Maximum 4 anglers.
Mothershipping - Viking II working with a mothership. Coming back to a mothership at night behind the reef. Mothership moves up and down the reef to where the fishing boat captain wishes to go. Acts as a base to come back too with levels of comfort up to 5-star standard.
April to August 2009
& December to January 2010

The Gold coast is one of Australia's premier tourist destinations, Its unbelievable beaches, waterways and boating infrustrature, is second to non, and of cause there is the fishing.

The Gold Coast has one of the most consistent blue Marlin fisheries in Australia, and more blues over 600lb are hooked here every year than any other destination. It also has a diversity of sportfish such as medium to small black marlin, striped marlin,wahoo, dorardo, Yellowtail kingfish, amberjack, to name a few.

This is Viking 11 and Capt Billy Billson's home, and the viking 11 is berthed only moments away from the seaway, he also has a wealth of knowledge of these grounds, and happy to offer a full range of fishing for his clients, from Bluewater fly fishing, marlin fishing, Jigging, or just fishing for a nice feed of snapper or peal perch.

Port Stephens

January To April 2009

The Viking II heads south to Port Stephens for the months of January to April. Port Stephens NSW, is about 2.5 hours drive north of Sydney, along a modern F3 Freeway or a 30 minute flight from Sydney. Capt Bill who was born and raised in Sydney, was first introduced to Game fishing out of Port Stephens at a tender age of 10 by his father, they were regular visitors on holidays to the port, and never missed the NSW interclub tournament, the largest Gamefishing tournament in the southern hemispere with over two hundred boats. It would be hard to find someone who has spent as much time game fishing off this port, and only a few people have participated in as many interclub tournaments as Bill. He has stood on the winners podium more times than he can remember as crewmen. and no one could say that they have won the tournament 4 times as captain both in Capture and tag and release.

Three of the Billfish species, Black, Blue and Striped Marlin migrate there each year during these months. It is not uncommon to catch all three species in a day's fishing, known as a grand slam, and this has been achieved many times on bills boats. Blue Marlin up to 600lbs are not uncommon with very large specimens presenting themselves occasionally. The recent years there have been over 15 world records for black, blue and striped marlin, caught in these waters using not only conventional tackle but also Ultra-Light tackle and Fly Fishing tackle. 4 of these world records were caught in the 2000 season on 2lb, 4lb and 6lb, an outstanding feat.

A serious Bluewater Fly Fishing industry is quickly being established due to these world record results. Capt Bill Billson was at the helm of his boat Viking 11 for the capture of the largest fish to date to ever be captured on fly fishing tackle, a 288lb blue marlin on 10kg Tippet, as well as the largest Striped marlin to date to be caught on flyfishing tackle a 231lb on 16lb. He excells at switching fish from teaser baits to the fly, and world famous fly fishing guide Dean Bulter has quoted, He has never seen a better driver on fish.

Port Stephens is a must as a world class fishing destination, it also attracts tourists by the thousands each year because of it's stunning coastal scenery, pristine golden beached and crystal clear waterways. The harbour of Port Stephens is around two and a half times the size of Sydney Habour making it a boatman's paradise. Port Stephens also boasts resort style accommodation, award-winning restaurants with magnificent views and many tourist attractions.

Of cause not ever body has the need to be in the record book, or stand on the podium if you just want a great fun trip and great fishing, no one has more experience and better value for money than Capt Bill Billson and the magnificent 46ft custom Woodnutt Viking 11

For those anglers who have experienced the joy of catching fish on Flyfishing tackle Viking II offers the perfect platform for targeting all species on fly, especially billfish. With it her crew of highly recognised world anglers and guides Viking II is the perfect choice for your next flyfishing adventure.

The beautiful and picturesque Port of Port Stephens is rapidly becoming recognised as the NO 1 destination in the world for targeting Black, Blue and Striped Marlin on Fly. Few destinations can boast of consistent shots on all 3 species of marlin with a size range that is perfect for all tippet classes.

The inside grounds hold Black and Striped marlin between 40lb and 200lb. While the outside continental shelf grounds (25 miles out) hold all 3 species. Blacks to 350lb, Stripes to 350lb and consistent Blues between 150lb and 500lb plus are consistently being caught on fly on these grounds.

The comment that "Port Stephens is becoming the No 1 destination for fly fishers, targeting marlin, in the world is not made without credentials, a quick look at the current IGFA World Record Book will reveal that Port Stephens is frequently mentioned. With pending records from the 1999 season to be issued, Port Stephens will soon hold top ranking.

Believe it or not this small but beautiful Port hosts the largest Gamefishing Tournament in the Southern Hemisphere (won by Viking II in 1999 also runners up in 2000). Port Stephens is only a 30 minute domestic flight from Sydney or a two and a half hour drive along quality roads from Sydney. Magnificent beaches, sparkling waterways, great restaurants and a 5 star golf course make this a very spectacular destination.

Or as an alternative you can utilise Viking II for flyfishing during June to December out of the Cairns, targeting all sport fish especially black marlin and sailfish.

Viking II

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