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Aquarama Marina

Aquarama was established in 1963, with very basic facilities by Gerry Chrystal as a fuel stop and slipway for general boat maintenance.

Some 43 years on, after numerous changes in ownership and a major redevelopment in 1985 (prior to the Australian Defence of the America's Cup), Aquarama has become one of the most popular and comprehensive marina's in Western Australia.

Aquarama is situated in a prime location towards the ocean end of the magnificent Swan River. This serves it well as both a convenient place to berth your boat and a fine place to visit and dine at the Boardwalk Restaurant. You are welcome to just call in and browse over the many boats for sale listed with R Marine Perth.

Our three storey Boat Stacker is a sort-after facility.

This is complimented by our 210 Wet Berths, Slipway, Fuel Service, Mechanical Shop, and extensive Boat Sales section, as well as a Boat Maintenance and Management Service.
essels are lifted to and from the water using a specially designed marine forklift capable of lifting vessels up to 3.5 tonne. Lease options are yearly, yearly and yearly. Prices vary depending on size of vessel.

We require a minimum of one hour's notice to launch your vessel between the hours of 8.30am to 5pm. If you wish to use your vessel before 8.30am we will launch your vessel the previous day and tie it up in the water in a designated area.

Flushing your engines and washing your boat is an extra service we provide. Included in your annual fee is 20 lifts into the stack, once you have used your 20 lifts we charge an extra $20 per lift.

Aquarama Marine can pen vessels up to 25 metres in length.

Security gates protect the entrance to all jetties.

Short term leases are available and include accessability to power and water facilities, but do not include pen lines.

Located within the Aquarama Marina,
Aquarama Slipways provides slipping for craft up to 12 metres. They will carry out anti-fouling, repairs in either fibreglass or timber, along with spray painting (all types), polishing and insurance work.
Avoid the rush hour!

You know when on a busy long weekend you think "I'll just refuel on my way to Rottnest"? The only problem being, everyone has the same idea; plus the heavy weekend traffic cruising past the fuel jetty creating such a wash it is almost dangerous tying your boat up alongside!

With Aquarama's unique 24-hour state-of-the-art fuel system you can refuel your boat any time, 7 days a week, and choose a time when there is little or no river traffic - on your way home from work, or early in the morning when there is no wind, and be ready for the on-coming weekend.

To use this system all you need is an EFTPOS or Credit Card and follow the instructions. If you require assistance the first time you use the system, then call into Aquarama Marina between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm and one of the Aquarama staff will go through the system operation with you.

Ezy Serve . . . Ezy to use!


Instructions for use:

NO SMOKING - Make sure engines are OFF.
Remove vessels fuel cap/s before using 24hr Ezy Serve machine.
DO NOT lift nozzle from pump until instructed to do so by Ezy Serve.
Swipe card into Ezy Serve as illustrated.
Follow prompts on screen using key pads.
Select fuel type by entering Pump Number (located on side of each Pump).
To finish, simply hang up nozzle. Your account gets charged automatically.
If you would like a receipt, swipe your card again in Ezy Serve and press 'OK'.
Things you should know:

PIN numbers are required for all cards except Diners & American Express.
Some Credit cards have Limits ie: Westpac $58 National $98 Diners $68.
Pumps have a safety cut out if not used within 90 seconds of activating the pump.
You will have to start again if you take longer than 90 seconds to begin pumping fuel.
Trouble Shooting:

If Ezy Serve says "Pump Unavailable" or "Pump in use":

Make sure nozzle is not lifted off the pump until Ezy Serve says to.
Check Display on pump, If 'OFF' or 'ERROR' press RED Emergency stop button at the left of Ezy Serve machine, wait 20 sec. then twist to reset. Important: DO NOT TURN OFF IF OTHERS ARE FUELING THEIR BOAT. Wait for pump display to show $ '0' & Litres '0' and try again.
Any other problems, please speak to Aquarama staff, Phone 9339 5666.
Credit Card Limits:

Some banks have Limits on Credit Cards at un-manned sites.
Limits that apply to Credit Cards only at Aquafuel are :

Westpac/Challenge $58
Diners $68
American Express $73
National $98
Commonwealth - No limit
ANZ - No Limit
Note: If your card is restricted by your bank, you can repeat the process until you have the required amount of fuel.
All Cheque/Savings cards have no limit, providing sufficient funds are in your account.

Aquarama staff are more than happy to show you how to use this Ezy Serve. Please phone 9339-5666 between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm 7 days per week for assistance.

Aquarama Marina
Riverside Road
East Fremantle Western Australia 6158
+61-8-9339 7414.

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