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Plaka Boats

Plaka boats are rotationally molded from a polyethylene and this method of manufacture has enabled us to bring you a superior boat with an incredibly low price. These boats are manufactured as a one-piece stress free skin that is nominally 12mm thick. this gives you supreme structural strength even before we fill the hull with sealed cell polyurethane foam. As an all round package these boats have a buoyancy that will impress.

Our boats are manufactured from a octane polyethylene with excellent all round physical properties and contains a fully formulated long term UV stabilization system. This material has superior strength and toughness that is required in any harsh marine environment. This new method of manufacture has also allowed us to improve the design for our rugged conditions, which has produced an ultra stable ride and smooth, responsive handling.

Plaka boats are built to a standard not down to a price and we pride ourselves in obtaining a level of excellence in both our products and our service. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


The 4.6m centre console and 3.6m tiller steer is now available in 4C ( Hire and Drive ) and 2C Commercial Survey

After passing the Department of Planning and Infrastructure test the stability and construction of the Plaka. We can now build the boat to Survey.

4C survey allows the boat to be hired to anybody for 2 nautical miles off the mainland coast.

2C survey allows the boat to be used in commercial situations


Our boats are manufactured from a linear medium density octane comonomer polyethylene with excellent all round physical properties and contains a fully formulated long term UV stabilization package. This material has superior strength and toughness that is required in any harsh marine environment.

Property Value SI Units
Density 0.935 g/cm3
Flexural Modulus 689 Mpa
Tensile Yield 50mm/min 16.5 Mpa
Elongation 50mm/min 591 %
Shore Hardness 65 Shore D

The Process

Among the many questions we get asked at Plaka Boats is how do we make the Boats

Firstly many hours go into producing a mold for the boat exactly the shape and design we want the finished product to be. once the mould has been made powder material is placed in the mould and then the mould is placed into an oven witch constantly rotates, as the mould and the material heats up it liquefies and covers the inside of the mould. Once the mould is covered uniformly the mould is the cooled and after some time the mould is then split in half and the finished product is removed. to produce a one piece (seamless) product
Indestructible – With five times the impact resistance of fiberglass, Plaka boats molded hull is as consistent as steel and almost as strong. Wind, waves, reef or rocks, Plaka boats are built to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it

Quiet – Plaka hulls absorb both engine noise and wave impact, providing an astonishingly quiet ride

Smooth – Plaka’s shock absorbing hull acts as an efficient suspension system, reducing bone jarring wave chop into exceptionally smooth cruising.

Easy – Plaka Boats never need waxing, polishing or gel coat/paint touch-up to preserve their appearance. A quick rinse usually dose the trick

Stable – Plaka’s pontoon style give unbelievable stability that can not be matched with a conventional hull design.

Unsinkable – Polyethylene floats combine with the fact that every Plaka boat is foam filled giving it positive buoyancy even when loaded to capacity

Environmentally friendly – Each and every Plaka is almost 100% recyclable. What’s more, no emissions are generated during manufacturing.

Durability – Impervious to saltwater, sunlight and humidity, Plaka boats keep their new boat appearance through decades of heavy use

Don't take our word for it. Here is a review on the 4.6 Centre Console done by Mike Brown, respected boating journalist in WA. 4.6 Plaka Review

Plaka Boats Built to Save Lives !

Recently the state marine rescue group (FESA) purchased a 4.6mt centre console Plaka for Lancelin Volunteer Sea Rescue Group for inshore rescue operations and training of new members. From all reports the Plaka is just the thing but fortunately has not been involved in a rescue as yet.

Also used by

Fisheries WA
University of Western Australia
Boat Torque Cruises
Hillary Yacht Club
Busselton Sea Rescue
Lancelin Sea Rescue
Aqua WA

Plaka Boats
14 Artello Bay Rd
Midvale Western Australia 6056
(08) 9250 1125

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