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Bar Crusher

They're light to tow, economical to power, low maintenance, quick to clean and a breeze to launch and retrieve. If you want to travel with a boat to explore far flung places, a Bar Crusher aluminium trailer boat is the perfect choice.

Bar Crusher means true, low-stress boating.

The beauty of Bar Crusher fishing and trailer boats is that they're tremendously durable. Owners of fragile fibreglass boats are always worried about bumping the ramp or the trailer. Fibreglass boats are generally also carpeted, fully-upholstered and loaded with tizzy bits and pieces that need constant care and hours of maintenance. Not so with Bar Crusher fishing and trailer boats!

Every Bar Crusher trailer boat has been designed for easy and care-free boating. The bottom plate (underneath) isn't painted so bumping the trailer or the ramp doesn't matter. Clean up is as simple as a quick rinse with the hose and then parking the boat in the garage. The welded-in, sealed floor in a Bar Crusher ensures that any bait and muck washes out in a few minutes. Now that's low-stress boating!

Below is the Bar Crusher 640C... a sensational performer with true offshore capability.
Common to every Bar Crusher boat are three very smart innovations that translate into superior on-water performance...
1.Quickflow TM - Water Ballast Technology

2.Rigideck TM - Engineered Sub-Floor System

3.Waveslicer TM - Smooth Non-Pounding Hull Design
Read about these features under the technology section. At first glance they might sound a bit gimmicky, but the design innovation in these features has never before been seen in the Australian market.

Bar Crusher boats are REAL plate boats!

Bar Crusher boats are real 'plate' boats that use cutting-edge technology in both design and construction. They're not pressed and 'tacked' together like the cheaper mass produced aluminium boats. They're hand built by highly-skilled tradespeople.

Bar Crusher boats are built using heavy 3mm, 4mm and 5mm marine aluminium which is pre-stressed and then formed to provide strength. The sub-floor construction is triangulated and boxed similar to an aeroplane wing to provide rigidity and stiffness.

The engineered Rigideck TM sub-floor system is designed to minimise 'racking' or twist, which is the number one cause of fatigue cracking in other aluminium boats. Bar Crusher boats are built using the latest in CNC laser cutting technology and the best welding equipment available in the world today.

If you want to make your dream a reality, call our sales team today! If you want to have a quick chat about your requirements, need finance, want to talk about motors, boat sales or how to sell your existing boat, we and all our boat dealers love talking boats and are here to help. Whether this is your first boat or you have owned 10 boats, we invite you to pick up the phone and call today.

Bar Crusher boats deliver a super-smooth ride - a far cry from the uncomfortable, hard pounding ride of traditional aluminium boats.

Here's why... most people who have been for a ride in an aluminium boat on a choppy day have been disappointed with the hard ride. The reason for this is that many of the 'pressed sheet tinnie' style boats and many plate-based fishing boats have been traditionally built with a relatively shallow dead rise or V at the transom, (often as little as 10 degrees). In other words, viewed from the rear they appear to have a fairly flat bottom.

Bar Crusher boats, in contrast, with their water ballast system, are built using between 18 and 20 degrees of V at the transom depending on the model. This deeper V allows the boat to cut through chop providing a genuinely soft ride. (We're happy to prove it to you in rough conditions!)

Bar Crusher boats are built tough... they don't split or crack. Bar Crusher boats are constructed from #5083 marine grade plate aluminium and are built to the Australian Standard for Welding Aluminium used in the construction of marine vessels. This is the standard that must be met for commercial survey. In other words, Bar Crusher boats use commercial quality boat building techniques to ensure every boat will last.

Bar Crusher has never had a hull split or crack, a claim few other builders and boat dealers can make. Many aluminium boats are built from very light material (often as light as 1.6mm or 2mm sides) and must be driven carefully due to the combination of light construction and the hard pounding ride that is caused by the flatter hull shape.

Beware of boats that look great in the showroom but don't meet your expectations on the water. It's a fact that most of the fishing boats in Australia are sold by boat dealers who don't allow customers to have the benefit of an on-water test ride. The result of this sales technique is that many buyers are not happy with their final purchase. At Bar Crusher, we take our boat sales seriously and we prove the performance to you before you buy!

Bar Crusher boats are designed to provide outstanding performance that gives you the confidence to handle your boat in testing situations - and as our boat dealers are also boating enthusiasts, we insist that you try before you buy to prove it. The performance in a following sea, (running down the face of swell or 'with the sea'), stability at rest, fast planing out of the hole and cut through chop combine to make the Bar Crusher one of the best performing aluminium trailer boats in Australia.

Plate Aluminium. The material of choice, makes aluminium boats the most popular in terms of construction medium for fishing boats in Australia... out-selling fibreglass many times over. The reasons for this are obvious... light to tow, (won't wear out your vehicle), light to power (economical to run), low maintenance (Very little to go wrong), highly durable (low stress boating), good resale value, long life, easy to clean (five-minute hose and park it), light and easy to maneuver into the shed/carport.

Call us today and we will prove to you just how impressive these aluminium boats are! If you require a brochure or have a query, please email us!

Bar Crusher
5 Quality Drive
Dandenong South Victoria 3175
(03) 9792 2999

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