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The Academy of Taxidermy

The Academy of Taxidermy’s Master Taxidermist, Michael Buzza, has over 40 years experience in taxidermy and offers extensive Taxidermy Services.

Michael is renowned as one of Australia’s leading taxidermists. He specializes in the mounting of all animal trophies (birds, mammals and reptiles) and all marine life including crayfish. Particular areas of interest are endangered Australian animals.

Michael Buzza’s taxidermy specimens are utilized by educational institutions, marketing companies, video and film production houses, museums, and DEC (Department of Environment and Conservation). For promotional ideas using taxidermy specimens, please see Animals For Promotion. Animals currently available for hire can be seen at Mounted Animals For Hire and Replica Animals.

He also provides a huge variety of Animal Molds and body forms and a selection of animal eyes for other taxidermists.

Rainbow Trout
Superbly crafted, glass display cabinets can be custom built to present your taxidermy masterpieces. We will also repair and restore existing taxidermy work, animal skins, rugs and wall hangings.

The Academy of Taxidermy is committed to fair and ethical practices. We only work on animals that have died of natural causes. The quality of our taxidermy work is paramount.

1x Taxidermy Barn Owl – Tyto alba A10 233470/03 CITES 11
1x Taxidermy Tawny Owl – Strix atuco A10 233470/01 CITES 11
1x Taxidermy Eagle Owl – Bubo bubo
1x Taxidermy Ostrich Chick – Struthio camelus
1x Taxidermy Flamingo – Phoenicopterus rubber
1x Taxidermy Griffon Vulture – Gyps fulvus
1x Crowned Crane – Balearica regulorum
2x Swans
6x Taxidermy Domestic cats – Felis catus
1x Taxidermy Domestic cat stuffed to look dead – Felis catus
1x Taxidermy domestic cat (Part) – Felis catus
2x Taxidermy Rhesus Macaque – Macaca mulatta
1x Taxidermy domestic dog – Canis familiaris antique
1x Taxidermy dog Greyhound – Canis familiaris
1x Taxidermy domestic hamster – Mesocricetus auratus
1x Taxidermy Squirrel Monkey – Saimire sciureus
1x Taxidermy Coyote head – Canis latrans
1x Taxidermy Armadillo – Chaetophractus villosus
2x Taxidermy Moles – Talpa europaea
2x Taxidermy Weasels – Mustela nivalis
1x Taxidermy Stoat – Mustela erminea
1x Taxidermy Grey squirrel – Sciurus carolinensis
1x Taxidermy Badger – Meles meles
2x Taxidermy Common Rats – Rattus norvegicus
1x Taxidermy Edible Dormouse – Glis glis
1x Taxidermy Common Marmoset – Catlithrix jacchus Cites B Species
1x Taxidermy Douroucoulis Night Monkey – Aotes trivirgatus Cites B Species
4x Taxidermy Rabbits – Oryctolagus cuniculus
2x Taxidermy Moles -Talpa europaea
2x Taxidermy Weasels – Mustela nivalis
1x Taxidermy Stoat – Mustela erminea
1x Taxidermy Grey squirrel – Sciurus carolinensis
1x Taxidermy fox stuffed to look dead – Vulpes vulpes
1x Tortoise carapace – Testudo hermanni CITES 11 A10 212269/02
1x Taxidermy Domestic dog – Canis familiaris
1x Taxidermy Fox – Vulpes vulpes
1x Taxidermy Fox cub – Vulpes vulpes
1x Taxidermy Grey squirrel – Sciurus carolinensis
1x Taxidermy Stoat – Mustela erminea
1x Taxidermy Hare – Lepus europaeus
1x Taxidermy Hedgehog – Erinaceus europaeus
1x Taxidermy Black Bear – Ursus americanus
1x Taxidermy Roe Deer – Capreolus capreotus
1x Taxidermy Wallaby – unknown
1x Taxidermy Loggerhead Turtle – Caretta caretta CITES 1 A10235488/01
1x Taxidermy Iguana – Iguana iguana


2x Tanned and cured Goat skin rugs – Capra hircus
1x Squirrel skin – Sciurus carolinensis
3x Taxidermy/tanned Mole skins – Talpa europaea
1x Antique Taxidermy Polar bear skin rug – Ursus maritimus CITES 11
1x Antique American Black Bear skin rug – Ursus americanus/ Ursus thibetanus CITES 11
1x Antique Tiger skin rug – Panthera tigris CITES 1 A10 208873/01
1x Antique Tiger skin rug – Panthera tigris CITES 1 A10 208875/01
2x Fallow deer skin rug – Dama dama dama
1x Pangolin skin Manis crassicaudata


Cast Ichthyosaurus Skull
Elephant LEG
Elephant HEAD
Rhino head
Banjo Ray
2 Giant Snails
Chimpanzee Head


1x Taxidermy Eagle Owl skeleton – Bubo bubo
1x Genet cat skeleton – Genneta genetta
1x Human skeleton
1x Ostrige adult skeleton
1x Sparrowhawk skeleton – Accipiter nisus A10 248348/01 CITES 11
1x Puma skeleton – Puma concolor
1x Bat skeleton – Magaderma sp
1x Rhea skeleton – Rhea americana
1x Pigeon skeleton – Columba livia
1x Dog skeleton – Canis lupus familiaris
1x Gaboon Viper skeleton – Bitis gabonica
1x Mute Swan skeleton – Cygnus olor
1x Squirrel Monkey skeleton – Detr-antique


1x Lion Skull – Panthera leo
1x Antique Turtle skull – Caretta caretta CITES 11
2x Rhesus monkey skulls – Macaca mulatta CITES 11
1x Rabbit skull – Oryctolagus cuniculus
2x European wild boar – Sus scrofa
2x Badger skulls – Meles meles
2x Greenfinch skulls – Chloris chloris chloris
1x Robin skull – Erithacus rubecula
1x Raven skull – Corvus corax
1x Common seal skull – Phoca vitulina
2x Jay skulls – Garrulus glandarius
1x Magpie skull – Pica pica
1x Bullfrog skull – Rana catesbiana
2x Pheasant skulls – Phasianus colchicus
2x Mallard duck skulls – Anus platyrhynchos
1x Cockatiel skull – Nymphicus hollandicus
1x Dog skull – canis familiaris
1x Pot bellied pig skull – Sus scrota domesticus
1x Cat skull – Felis cattus
2x Human skulls – Homo sapien
1x Crow skull – Corvus corone
1x Coypu skull – Myocastor coypus
1x Rattlesnake head and fangs – Crotalus atrox
5x Rat skulls – Rattus norvegicus
1x Banded toucan skull – Pteroglossus pluricinctus
1x Penguin skull
1x Llama skull – Liama glama
1x Tortoise skull – Testudo graeca
1x Saltwater Crocodile Reproduction (large)


1x Taxidermy Antique Cassowary foot – Casuarius casuarius
1x pair Goose feet – Anser anser
1x pair Rabbit feet – Oryctolagus cuniculus
1x pair Crow feet – Corvus corone
1x pair Rook feet – Corvus frugilegus
1x pair Canary feet – Serinus canarius
1x pair Swan feet – Cygnus olor
1x pair Song thrush feet – Turdus philomelos
1x pair Blackbird feet – Turdus merula
1x pair Blue tit feet – Parus caeruleus
1x pair Robin feet – Erithacus rubecula


1x Taxidermy Australian shelduck study skin – Tadorna tadorna
2x Taxidermy Common Elder – Somateria mollissima
1x African pygmy goose – Nettapus auritus
1x Chilean torrent duck – Merganetta armata
1x Red crested pochard— Netta rufina
2x Ashy headed goose – Chloephaga poliocephalta
1x Ruddy duck – Oxyura jamaicensis
1x Cinnamon teal – Anas cyanoptera
1x Puna teal – Anas puna
1x Black teal – Aythya novaeseelandiae
1x Chiloe wigeon – Anas sibilatrix
1x Australian shelduck – Tadorna tadornoides
1x Snow goose – Anser caerulescens
2x White backed duck – Thalassornis leuconotus


9x Nautilus sea sheds – Nautilus pompilus
Chlamys australis x10
Pecten asperrimus x10
Mimachlamys x10
Haliolis scalaris x2
Haliolis laevigata x1
Spondylus albibarbatus x1
Chama lazarus x1
Chicoreus cornucervi x10
Harpa major x10
Callanaites disjecta x3
Turbo jourdani x1
Cymbiola magnifica x1

Papered (dried) Insects

Dung Beetle – Helicopris dominus
Beetle – Eupatorus gracilicorms
Dung beetle – Enlotrupes sharpi
Beetle – Chrysochroa buqueti rugicollis
Beetle – Chrysochroa saundersii
Beetle – Odontolabis sarasinorum
Beetle – Odontolabis elegans
Long nose bug – Pyros candelabra
Beetle – Stenocera aquisienata
Whip scorpion – Mastigoproctus giganteus
Lantern bugs – Fulgora sp

1x Set Framed British Butterflies contains
1x Small tortoiseshell – Agalais urticae
1x Wood white – Leptidea sinapis
1x Marbled white – Melanargia gatathea
1x Clouded yellow – Colias crocea
1x Red Admiral – Vanessa atalanta
1x Peacock – Inachis io
1x Pained lady – Vanessa cardui
1x Brimstone – Goneptertx rhammi
1x Spotted fritillary – Melitacea didyma
1x Green winger white – Pieris napi
1x Speckled Wood – Pararge aegeria
1x Pale clouded yellow – Colias hyale


Giant seed pod Entada phaseoloides

Vellum parchment A letter dating from 1717 written on treated deer or calf skin vellum

Fossil prehistoric cave bear lower jaw France
Fossil prehistoric cave bear jaw
Fossil prehistoric cave bear Jaw

Petrified wood – Madagascar

Fossil Beaver Pooh – coprolite USA Fossil

Shark teeth 30-60 Million years Florida beach USA
Fossil shark teeth Eocene Morocco

Elephant dung paper Malawi Africa

Insect in amber Oligocene approx 25 million years old Dominican Republic 25

Carbon hydrocarbon v amber Poland

Spear points Southwest Indian tribes
300-2000 yrs old Arizona and New Mexico Southern USA

Fossilised Antler

Diamond drill core section in pyrites veins
(Cut and polished WA)

Tortoise shell tribal mask West Africa
3x African spears
1x Basket Several

3x (approximately) sets of horns
Elephant molar Antique
Fossil ammonites Arniocoreas sp Lyme Regis Dorset UK

3x Shell Oil Cigarette card albums
1x Bird card album
Ikea rack
Toy toads
Assorted Books
Collection minerals
Collection of bugs in resin, paperweight’s, jewellery etc
Collection Banksia nuts

Several insect collection boxes


4x White glass topped retail units
2x Glass tower units
1x Large Antique glass box cabinet
1x Large Curved glass cabinet
1x Pine rear opening cabinet
1x small black material lined cabinet
1x Cabinet full of skulls
1x Wall cabinet
1x Antique insect cabinet with approximately 160 drawers

The Academy of Taxidermy
PO Box 238
Guildford Western Australia 6935
61 08 93773884

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