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Zed Lures

A true Revolution in Fishing Lure Design. Designed and Patented by its Inventor (patent 2002100282), Zed is the product of over 20 years of underwater field observation, watching the remarkable relationship of predator-prey, panic-flight and attack or strike-response stimuli. The Zed Lure was bio-engineered to include as many strike stimuli as possible in a single lure, incorporating the best way to draw fish in, while keeping the Zed in the strike zone. The result is a truly amazing lure incorporating extreme versatility and more strike response stimuli than ever packed in a single fishing lure. During just three years of field tests, Zed Lures have successfully taken over 150 species of fresh and saltwater fish, out-fishing all other lures and bait on offer in side-by-side fishing.

World's First Ascent Swimming Lure using Vortex Orientation: The ST series Zed swims down in a distressed-bait flutter-sink or back-swim action (controlled by the angler), then swims rapidly up on retrieve, nearly vertical on rapid retrieve or less steeply on controlled retrieve. Average rate of swim ascent is one foot upward for two feet of line retrieval depending on the angle of the line.

Variable Tail Swing and Rotating Flash: You control the lure. The speed of the Zed's swim action, tail swing and the rotating body flash, is dependant on your desired method of fishing and retrieval rate (Zed Lures do not spin).

Sonic Signature: The Zed Lure produces a low-frequency distress-pulse similar to that produced by a bait fish in distress, except much stronger, leaving behind a strong field of micro-currents that fish can actively follow. This is not an artificial rattle but a characteristic of the lure body. Fish do not approach out of curiosity (rattle) they approach to kill.

Polly-Glass Refractive Body: A combination of glass resin lets light refract in the lure body producing a Ghosting effect with an exceptionally bright body flash.

Imbedded Silicon Holographic Crystals: Not a vulnerable add-on coating, these specifically selected crystal colours last the life of the lure and mimic natural bait colour (Natural Colour Group) and panic-flash characteristics.

Versatility: The Zed Lure is whole tackle box of fishing options in a single lure. The same lure can be trolled, jigged, cast & retrieved, distance jigged (unique to Zed Lure), fished effectively in an inch of water over weeds and obstructions or fished as deep as current and the angler allow (down to several hundred feet).

Distance Casting: Easily out-casts other lures of the same weight. In real side by side tests the Zed Lure outcast other lures by 15 - 50%. The same characteristics that allow the Zed Lure to ascent swim provide aerodynamic lift on casting for extreme distance. Performs exceptionally well in strong cross and head-winds where other lures fail completely.
Weighted: Best all around selection. Best at trolling, jigging, deep water fishing, rapid cast and retrieve and extreme distance casting.

Unweighted: Best at slow finesse fishing and slower controlled countdown, or where noise sensitive and spooky fish are present. Best at Slow. Twitch and Retrieve.

Floating Pop地 Zed Series: The floating Pop地 Zed is a truly extraordinary fishing lure. Built on the same body design as the patented standard series Zed Lure it gives new freedom to fishermen who love the explosive action typical of popping style fishing lures. On the surface the Pop地 Zed swims with a broad tail swing like an injured bait. Snap your rod tip downward to get a big noise pop, twitch, pop and then reel quickly. The Pop地 Zed will now duck under water and swim just below the surface like a regular ST series Zed. Stop,and the Pop地 Zed will spring back to the surface, waiting for your next input. This action is a true mimic of an injured bait attempting to get back underwater.

Selecting Colour
Fish see best in the ultra-violet end of the colour spectrum, starting with green. Fish respond to different colours based on atmosphere, water conditions and mood. The Zed Colour Series was chosen based on actual field testing and divided into three colour groups: Natural, Aggressive, Ghosting

Click the pictures on your left to find more about our four types of Zed Lures.

Selecting Size
The ST-Zed Series comes in a variety of sizes to suit nearly every fish appetite, from the tiny Flea-Zed at just over an inch, to the largest STB-Zed at 4.5 inches. While length may be the most important factor in many things the impact that Zed makes on fish is based on Mass.The sonic signature radiated off all the Zed lures far exceeds what you would expect based on their size. The Sonic Signature, a major calling card, is the reason why fish travel to the Zed, often from great distance, intent on lethal harm.

Zed Lures

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