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Westcoast seafood

It was in early 1990 that the founder of West Coast Seafood first offered a Mobile Seafood Service. The demand for the return to this style of old fashioned friendly service was overwhelming. It was quickly obvious that there was no way that one individual could offer a regular service to customers in both the Perth Metro and Country areas. It was from here that the Co-operative group grew. A fleet of Independently owned Mobile Seafood Vans that service the state on a regular basis. That fleet has now grown to 19 vans that service the Perth Metro and Country WA. It surprises many people to learn that we can offer this service just as regularly to a customer that lives on a farm, 20km east of Mukinbudin, to a customer living in the suburbs of Perth. All distributors carry over 50 different lines of Seafood and Party Snack foods on board their van, and have access to even more. So the old saying of "you name it, we've got it" definitely applies. The advantage of one central buying source not only gives the group great buying power, but more importantly priority when it comes to quality and selection.

We pride ourselves on only choosing the finest quality the ocean has to offer, from Snapper and King prawns from our North Coast to Mussels and Scallops from the colder Southern Waters. A majority of our seafood is processed on board at sea. Imagine a fish being caught, filletted and snap frozen all within a few hours of it being caught. This guarantees that when we deliver it to you, the quality and freshness is as good as it can be. The only way you will get fresher is to catch it yourself!

All our Seafood and Party Snack products come with a 100% Quality and Freshness Guarantee. We hope you find our website informative and helpful, and hope that we can be of further service in the future.

The range we have to offer has been compiled from the most popular products customers have requested over the last year or two. We are constantly updating the list as the demand for other products increases.

Even though there are only 50 or so products listed here, all distributors have access to a further 100 different products from our warehouse, so if there is anything that you would like us to get, just ask!

We have included a comprehensive product information page for each of our products listed, these include details of Locality Caught, Texture and Taste, Cooking Suggestions and Health Information. Simply "click" on the item of interest.

A majority of our products are packed into 1kg clear bags unless otherwise stated.

Remember all our products come with a 100% Quality Freshness Guarantee, so if you're not completely satisfied, please let us know. If you love our products, tell your friends!


Fish Fillets A majority of our fish are caught, filleted and frozen on board at sea in the waters surrounding Australia and New Zealand.

Southern Whiting A slightly sweet tasting flesh with a soft texture
Dory A soft flesh with a mild flavour
Smoked Cod Fillet Traditionally smoked for authentic flavour
Sweetlip Hoki Fillet A mild flavour with a fine texture
Silver Snapper A small white fillet with a mild flavour and fine texture
Shark Being the small species of shark, these fillets have a mild flavour with a firm texture
Red Spotted Emperor A small white fillet with a mild flavour
Grouper A slightly firmer flesh with a mild but distinctive flavour
Barramundi A moist fish with a slightly stronger flavour
Pearl Perch A soft flaky fillet with a mild flavour
Coral Trout A medium size fillet with a mild flavour and thick flake
Orange Roughy A medium size fillet with a firm texture and pleasant flavour but distinctive taste
Snapper A medium size fillet with a firm distinctive flake
Dhufish There is definite controversy over which fish is a Dhufish. One thing is definite, it is one of the best tasting fish we sell!

Cutlets & Steaks

Salmon Portion Quality Norwegian salmon portion. High in Omega 3
Mackeral Cutlets A firm flesh. Strong in flavour and high in Omega 3
Salmon Cutlet Quality cutlets. Slightly stronger in flavour and also high in Omega 3
Swordfish Cutlets A firm flesh. Stronger in flavour and high in Omega 3
Tuna Steaks Quality Sashimi grade. Slightly stronger flavour. High in Omega 3
Fish Stixs All the work is done for you. Pieces of fish marinated& threaded onto a small skewer
Fish Cutlets A selection of cutlets are available depending on availability. Shark, Albacore, Mackeral, Salmon
Red Emperor A medium size fillet with a slightly stronger flavour and firm texture
Cobbler A stronger flavoured fish, with soft flesh
Whole Fish A range of whole fish are available including Red and Pink Snapper from our North Coast, to Herring and Mullet from the South Coast

Prawns From the clear waters of our North West Coast. Our cooked prawns are cooked fresh and then frozen

Peeled Cocktail Prawns Great for summer salads and prawn cocktails
Whole Endeavour Prawns Very sweet and tasty 3''-4'' in size
Whole Raw King Prawns Ungraded in size that would average out to 40-50 per kg and 3''-5'' in size
Peeled Raw Prawn Meat Perfect for quick and easy garlic or chilli prawns, 1-2'' in size
Extra Large Prawns Both raw and cooked available on request 5-6" in size

Crumbed All our crumbed products are top quality seafood that has been lightly crumbed, ready to be oven or shallow fried.

Fish & Chips A combination of our top quality crumbed Hoki fillet and over a kilo of lightly seasoned fries. Easily feeds 4 people
Fish Nuggets Quality New Zealand Hoki lightly crumbed in bite sized pieces.
Garlic Prawn Tails Ocean caught prawns peeled and lightly crumbed in a garlic spice
Crumbed Fish Fillets A top quality NZ Hoki fillet that has been lightly crumbed
Squid Rings Tender Squid, cut into medium size rings and crumbed
Salt & Pepper Squid Tender pieces of squid dusted in a salt and pepper batter
Prawn Cutlets A prawn tail that has been butterflyed and lightly crumbed
Fishermans Basket A combination of Crumbed fish fillets, squid rings, garlic shapes, fish nuggets and fish scallops. Easily feeds 4 people

Misc Shellfish A selection of the most popular ocean delicacies

Whole Mussels Export quality NZ mussels, Large and meaty
Seafood Marinara A combination of Squid, Prawns, Clams, Mussels and Octopus. Great for spaghetti marinara
Squid Tubes Fully cleaned squid tubes, ready to stuff or cut into rings
Oysters NZ export quality 1/2 shell oysters. 2doz in a pack
Mussel Meat Export quality NZ meat, partially cooked, great to marinate
Seafood BBQ Pack A combination of Fish Fillets, Squid, Prawns, Mussels and Scallops for something on the BBQ. Easily feeds 4 people
Scallop Meat An export quality scallop with the roe on
Moreton Bay Bugs Enjoyable whether cooked in salt water or marinated in your favourite sauce.
Crab Sticks Very popular with the kids with a nice crab flavour
Raw & Cooked Crabs Locally caught Blue Swimmer crabs
Seafood Extender Popular as a summer salad ingredient
Crayfish Fresh WA Crayfish from the waters between Fremantle & Geraldton. Fully cooked and ready to eat

Quick & Easy Snacks A selection of popular quick and easy Chicken and other Snack foods.

Dim Sims Chinese style combination meat and vegetable dim sim in a light pastry wrap
Mini Spring Rolls Vegetarian filling in a light filo pasty wrap. 900gr
Somousas Curry flavour, filo pastry wrap. 900gr
Lean Beef Burger Top quality NZ beef goes into the making of these restaurant quality burgers
Chicken Wings (Spicy) The meaty wings and drums, lightly covered with a spicy crumb. 900gr
Lamb Rissoles Top quality NZ lamb goes into the making of these restaurant quality rissoles
Chicken Wings (Mild) Mild Marinated in Honey and then roasted. These wings and drums are very tasty! 900gr
Chicken Breast Fillets Quality breast meat, lightly crumbed, great for home made chicken burgers. 900gr
Chilli Chicken Tenders A Strip of chicken meat, coated in a combination crumb with mild chilli spice
Meat Balls Tasty quality meat balls with a BBQ sauce flavour, lightly flame grilled
Cottage Pie Toppers Cottage mince pie wrapped in an oven fry crumb
Chicken Nuggets Quality breast meat nuggets, the kids will love them
Chicken Meat Oven roasted chicken breast meat. Randomly sliced, perfect for salads and school lunches
Mini Pizzas Small party size pizza with a supreme topping. 24 in a pack
Pizza Slabs Quality ingredients on a foccacia style base

Desserts A delicious range of sweet treats. There’s something for everyone!

Apple Strudel Restaurant quality. Perfect for entertaining
Apple Pie Huge family size pie with chunky apple pieces
Honey Cheesecake Easy to slice even when frozen
Strawberry Cheesecake For a special dessert treat
Pecan Pie Restaurant quality. Perfect for entertaining

Westcoast seafood
PO Box 5474
Canning Vale, Western Australia 6155
08 9456 2070

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